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Assign or Remove an Approval Manager

Note: The Approval Manager feature must be enabled on your site to assign approval managers. Any user with Manager, Admin, or Company Admin privileges in addition to the Enrollments and Waivers privilege automatically has the ability to act as an approval manager over all users and groups within their administrative domain, and can also approve or deny each other's requests. Any user with Company Admin privileges always has the ability to act as an approval manager.

Assigning a user to act as an approval manager allows that user access to the Approval Manager page in Skillport, where he can approve or deny asset requests and waivers for those learners assigned to him. To assign a user as an approval manager, you must first identify one or more learners who will send their requests to the user you want to set up as an approval manager.

To assign or change a user's approval manager

To remove a user's approval manager