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Working with Email Templates

When you initially view the email templates on the Manage Templates tab, by default you only see the system templates in the default site language specified for your Skillport site. A system template is provided in each language supported by Skillport. You can view the templates in additional languages by changing the filter on the Language column.

Note: The filters you apply are not preserved once you log out of Skillport.

As an example, in the following image, the filter on the Language column is configured to display the templates in three languages: German, Italian, and English.

Email templates filtered by language
If you intend to support email notifications in multiple languages, before you begin working on the Manage Templates tab, change the filter on the Language column so that the templates for all applicable languages are displayed and accessible to you. This allows you to make the same customizations in all languages.

Language-specific filtering is not available on the Manage Emails tab. On that tab, the templates in all languages that are assigned to a given event are always shown.