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SkillPort 7.3 for Mobile Devices

SkillPort 7.3 now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile devices, including:

  • Seamless login to the SkillPort 7.3 site
  • Support for BCS and OLSA APIs relevant to the user experience
  • Support for PingFederate-SSO and SAML as a turn-key solution
  • Support for selected custom SSO solutions
  • Support for Share and Deep links
  • Support for custom SkillPort pages on a mobile device

SkillPort Mobile is an application specifically designed for your mobile devices. It includes a subset of SkillPort functionality and is designed for working with mobile content.

Note: To ensure mobile content playback, turn off pop-up blockers in your browser.

Mobile content includes:

  • Custom mobile courses: These are custom courses that are optimized for playback on tablets and/or smart phones.
  • Icon for course asset Tablet-ready courses: These are courses that you can play on either tablets or desktop computers. Note that not all courses are tablet-ready; see below for information on how to display only tablet-ready courses.
  • video learning asset Videos
  • Icon for SkillBrief asset SkillBriefs
  • Icon for book asset Books

Non-mobile content includes all other types of learning assets. With the exception of ILT courses, all non-mobile content can be searched for, viewed, and managed in My Plan—but not launched for play—on SkillPort Mobile.

You can switch between displaying only mobile content or all content by clicking Actions > Show Mobile Only > or Show All.