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Print a Development Plans Report

The Development Plans report details all the Development Plan approval requests assigned to you, and displays the following:

  • User name
  • User first and last names
  • Dev Plan status (approved, denied or pending)
  • Dev Plan approval date
  • Dev Plan approved (who last approved the plan)
  • Asset title and ID
  • Approval Required
  • Approval Date
  • Approved by (who last approved the asset)
  • Completion status and date
  • Waived by (who granted the Development Plan waiver request)
  • Current and high scores
  • Due date
  • Email address
  • Learning Event start and end dates

See an example of a Development Plans report.

To generate and print a Development Plans report

  1. Click Approval Manager at the top right. The Approval Manager page appears:

    Approval Manager page

  2. Click Print Report. The Print Report dialog box appears.

    Report Selection dialog box

  3. Select Development Plans.
  4. Click Print. The report generates, and opens in a new window.
  5. Click Save into File to save the report as a .csv file, which you can modify (using a program such as Microsoft Excel).
  6. Click Close this Window to close the window.

    Note: If you click Close this Window and did not save the report, the report does not prompt you to save it.