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You can publish courses as well as passive content directly to your Skillport site by enabling the Skillsoft Publisher from within the Admin menu.

To configure Publisher

  1. Click Configuration > Features > Publisher on the top navigation bar.
  2. Configure the settings as needed:
    • Enable Publisher - Select yes to enable the Publisher option in the Admin menu. The default setting is no.
    • Publisher URL - The url of the Publisher site that is provided by Skillsoft.
    • Allow seamless login for:

      Publisher - This check box is enabled by default. Clearing this option will hide the Publisher link on the Content tab.

      Upload Passive Content - This check box is enabled by default. Clearing this option hides the Upload Passive Content link on the Content tab.

    • Publisher Company ID - The company ID provided to you by Skillsoft. Maximum character limit is 50 characters.
    • Publisher URL Timeout - The number of minutes that pass before Publisher times out due to inactivity. Characters are limited to numbers 0-9 and can be a maximum of three characters long.
    • Publisher Error Text - The error message that appears when the Publisher application is not available. You can modify this text message to fit your company's needs. There is a 255 character limit for error message text.
  3. Click Submit to save your changes, or click Cancel to return to the main Admin menu.
  4. A message appears stating that your Publisher Settings have been updated. You can now view the Publisher options that you have enabled from the Content tab: