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If your organization has enabled it, you may have the option to view your MY PLAN in either Basic or Expanded view. In Expanded view, the folders within your MY PLAN display, and you can click to expand any of the folders to view the contents. Basic view displays just the assets in your MY PLAN. Both views can be sorted by Folder, Category or Due Date.

Note: Regardless of what view displays, asset progress is recorded once for all instances of the asset.

  • Expanded View: This view shows each asset wherever it may appear in your MY PLAN. For example, if you have a course assigned to you, but you also have a Learning Program containing that same course assigned to you, the course would appear in both places. When in Expanded view, you can click Icon for creating a new folder to create new, custom folders for your MY PLAN. Click the Basic View link to toggle your MY PLAN to the Basic view.

    Basic View (MY PLAN)

  • Basic View: This view shows each asset only once, depending on when the asset is due (overdue assets are listed first, then items with due dates, then items without due dates). Click the Expanded View link (highlighted below) to toggle your MY PLAN to the Expanded view.

    Expanded View (MY PLAN)