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Important Information About Recurring Assets

Important: When the Recurrence feature is enabled and the Forced Restart web site switch is on (set to yes) a new record is created each time a learner restarts a completed course (that is marked as recurring). The new record displays in the learner's MY PROGRESS page and in all associated SkillPort reports. Skillsoft does not recommend this; instead, we suggest using only one of these options to avoid a learner unintentionally creating a new record.

As you work with assets that can be restarted, keep in the mind the following:

  • The SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM) is an application that manages downloaded course content. Because the SCM is not aware of multiple progress records, learners cannot use it to complete any assets that they can restart.
  • Each completion of an asset that can be restarted has its own record in reports.
  • Your site might be configured to force learners to always restart the 2 types of assets described above. For more information, see the Enable a Forced Restart of Assets section in Understanding Recurring Assets and the Enable Forced Restart web site switch topic.
  • While typically it is most convenient for learners to launch a completed asset from MY PROGRESS (since the page is quickly accessed and includes a Completed tab), if the asset can be restarted, learners can do so from anywhere they can launch it: MY PROGRESS, Credentialing MY PROGRESS, MY PLAN, the Catalog, or SEARCH&LEARN search results.
  • Assets that can be restarted have special progress icons that are shown in MY PLAN. For more information, see Learning Plan Icons in the Skillport Learner Help.
  • Some assets may only be available to you during a specific time period (the "Open Window"). If an asset in your MY PLAN displays the Review icon (Review Mode icon), and you are scheduled to complete it, contact your training manager to determine what the Open Window is for the asset.