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SARM Features Included in SkillPort 7.3 Reporting

The following features previously available only in the SkillPort Advanced Reporting Module are now available in SkillPort Reporting:

  • Historical data that was imported into SARM or data from another Learning Management System can be imported into SkillPort Reporting. This is a managed service available through SkillSoft’s Platform Services group. For more information, contact your account team.
  • Dimension Filters are now called "User Profile Filters" and can be enabled in SkillPort Reporting to allow users to limit results based on selected criteria.

    Note: SkillPort 7.3 does not support customizations to My Dashboard based on User Profile Filters.

  • Although Drill Down reports are not available in 7.3, several summary and detailed reports are available that return similar data.

For more feature comparisons, see the SkillPort Reporting Comparison document on the Client Community site.