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Additional Report Changes

Removal of Activity Date Filters

The report Activity Date filters were removed from the following reports:

  • Content Evaluation Detailed by Evaluation
  • Content Evaluation Summary by Evaluation

For companies upgrading to 7.3 that have Personal templates saved for these reports, the date filters will be ignored.

Learning Activity, Content Activity and Learning Program Reports

An Only Show Assets Assigned Through Selected Groups My Plan check box is now available in the following reports:

  • Learning Activity > Asset Activity by Group
  • Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User
  • Content Activity > Summary by Content
  • Content Activity > Course Activity by Content
  • Learning Program > Summary by Learning Program
  • Learning Program > Summary by Group
  • Learning Program > Detailed by User

User Privilege Report

The following fields have been added to the Privilege filter:

  • Delete Email Template
  • inGenius Settings
  • Keywords
  • Multiple Completion Access
  • Notification Access