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Assets That You Can Restart in SkillPort 7.3

In 7.2, when organizations require learners to repeat training at specific intervals (for example, every year to maintain a certification), the SkillPort 7.2 site uses the "restart" option. Once completed, a learner can launch the asset from MY PROGRESS to access it again, but before the asset launches, the learner is presented with the following question:

Restart or Continue dialog box

  • Clicking Restart freezes the last completion record and creates a new record in MY PROGRESS that counts toward the next completion.
  • Clicking Continue does not create a new record in MY PROGRESS; it allows the learner to re-enter the last completion with the goal of changing and improving its score. If this is selected, the learner is returned to his previous bookmark, and any progress made is applied to the last-recorded completion.

Important: When the Recurrence feature is enabled and the Forced Restart web site switch is on (set to yes) a new record is created each time a learner restarts a completed course (that is marked as recurring). The new record displays in the learner's MY PROGRESS page and in all associated SkillPort reports. Skillsoft does not recommend this; instead, we suggest using only one of these options to avoid a learner unintentionally creating a new record.

Note: The forced restart option in 7.2 does not present the learner with the question above; instead, it automatically restarted the asset when the learner relaunched it. Forced restart is configured on an asset-by-asset basis (not at the assignment level), and its functionality has not changed in SkillPort 7.3. See the Enable a Forced Restart of Assets section in the Understanding Recurring Assets topic for more information.