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User My Plan Template

User My Plan Report Template

The User My Plan report template has been replaced in Skillport 7.3 with a new version called the User My Plan Detailed Report.  This new report features enhanced compliance reporting and includes several new Display Options and Filter Options. Because of these changes, we are not able to bring forward Personal Templates and schedules based on the earlier version.   You will need to create new Personal Templates and schedules with the new User My Plan Detailed template.

  • The User My Plan Detailed report has been enhanced to include the following fields:
    • Assigned Date
    • Group Inherited From
    • Recurrence Type
    • Assignment Status
    • Goal
    • Required
  • Added "Waived" to the Completion Status filter
  • The Exception Status filter is replaced with a check box to only show assignments exceeding the due date.

Additionally, the User My Plan Summary by Content and Group report has been added.