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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 2 (7.3.1207) - August 2012

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • You can now delete duplicate course evaluation questions. (CR 122685)
  • Certificates now show the course title instead of character codes. (CR 122686)
  • When using drag-and-drop in the Catalog, duplicate folders no longer appear. (CR 122687)
  • When saving a learning event using the Development Plan Assignment dialog box, when there is a line break in the Goal text box, the learning event will save properly. (CR 122693)
  • If a course is assigned to MY PLAN for a group of users without a due date, and then the course is updated to include a due date, users now receive the new due date. (CR 122694)
  • The Manage Waivers screen now appears when working in the Learning Programs page of the SkillPort Admin UI. (CR 122697)
  • In the SkillPort Admin UI, search within the Users and Group Management page now works as expected. (CR 122853)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The following reports are now available in SkillPort 7.3: (CR 118772)
    • Catalog > Catalog Assignments by Group
    • ILT Student Roster > Detailed by Course and User
    • ILT Student Roster >Detailed by User
    • Live Learning > Detailed by User
    • Live Learning > Matrix by Live Learning
    • Live Learning > Summary by Group
    • Live Learning > Summary by Live Learning
    • Live Learning > Summary by User
    • My Plan > Group My Plan Assignments
    • My Plan > User My Plan Summary by Content & Group
  • The Summary by Group Listing report now shows the Group Path. (CR 122695)

Bug Fixes - BCS

  • Now when you run the content_eval_detailed_by_eval report by BCS, the generated report is not blank. (CR 121207)