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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 4 (7.3.1407) - November 2012

Changes and Modifications

  • The User My Plan Report template is replaced in Skillport 7.3 with a new version called the User My Plan Detailed Report. This new report features enhanced compliance reporting and includes several new Display Options and Filter Options. Because of these changes, we are not able to bring forward Personal Templates and schedules based on the earlier version. You will need to create new Personal Templates and schedules with the new User My Plan Detailed Report. For more information, see Skillport 7.3 Upgrade Considerations.

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Learners who have joined the inGenius community now see the Community option in the Category select box within Search&Learn. (CR 124294)
  • You can now remove users from a regular group. (CR 125362)
  • Managers no longer receive approval reminders when learning programs do not require approval. (CR 125362)
  • The correct URL displays in the Welcome email template. (CR 125634)
  • Administrators can now see the correct groups under their accounts. (CR 125635)
  • When a learner withdraws from an ILT session, now only that learner sees the Notification of Withdrawal email. (CR 125767)
  • You can now move users from their existing groups into a new group, and the previous group's membership will not be retained. (CR 125915)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The multi-group selector is now available on the SkillPort User Login report. (CR 108373)
  • The Books 24x7 Subscription > Subscription Summary report now displays the subscription ID. (CR 115640)
  • The Group My Plan Assignments report is now available. (CR 120818)
  • The Content > Learning Program > Detailed by User report no longer displays a blank report. (CR 124224)