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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 5 (7.3.1508) - December 2012

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • On the ILT Site Settings page in the Administrator UI, the description for the Default value of Passed in Roster field now displays correctly. (CR 123458)
  • Users no longer receive "Welcome New User" email notifications when the email option is not enabled. (CR 124241)
  • On the User Management page, administrators can now select and expand sub-groups that they created within a group. (CR 124325)
  • The SkillPort Mobile help now displays in the same language that is set as the user's language preference. (CR 125615)
  • The "Fatal database error encountered" message no longer occurs when you attempt to move a group to a different parent group on the User Management page. (CR 125785)
  • Learners are no longer being spontaneously unenrolled from Learning Programs after upgrading the site. (CR 125786)
  • When learners self-register, they are now receiving system-generated email notifications. (CR 125991)
  • Custom new user email notifications are now also being sent to learners who use self-registration. (CR 125992)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The delimiter character in the Catalog Path name was changed to a | (pipe) to allow parsing of the CSV file output from the Course Catalog report and the Books24x7 Book and Video Catalog report. (CR 119363)
  • When running several concurrent reports from Reports > Templates in the Administrator UI, the display is no longer limited to showing only 4 reports in the Results tab. (CR 124037)
  • A new SKP parameter, enable_shared_templates, has been added to allow the Shared template functionality to be enabled/disabled. (CR 124456)
  • The SURE Asset Filter search is now correctly returning all course assets matching the search criteria. (CR 125783)