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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 6 (7.3.1607) - December 2012

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Optional variables available in the body of ILT Email templates are now also displaying as expected in the Choose Field drop-down list. (CR 115104)
  • When using Internet Explorer 8, the pop-up window that displays when you hover the mouse over the Start column in the ILT Session Schedule no longer blinks. (CR 125231)
  • The sessions listed in the ILT Session Schedule are now correctly displaying the same catalog assignment regardless of whether the courses were directly assigned or inherited. (CR 125708)
  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, the Course Manager now displays correctly when you click the Change link. (CR 125710)
  • Deactivated courses are no longer displaying in the search results in either the Learner or the Administrator UI. (CR 125990)
  • Users can now open their course completion certificates in MY PROGRESS without receiving any errors. (CR 126004)
  • When previewing the Learner's My Plan Assignment Updated by Administrator email template, the German template no longer incorrectly contains French strings, and the French template no longer incorrectly contains German strings. (CR 126101)
  • Scheduled ETLs are now properly syncing data between the SkillPort and SURE databases. (CR 126114)
  • Empty folders are no longer displaying in the Catalog. (CR 126122)
  • The Select Sub-Group drop-down list on the New User Registration window is now populated with the entire list of expected groups. (CR 126355)
  • An issue with not being able to access the SkillPort site using a Blackberry Bold has been resolved. (CR 126471)
  • When you attempt to view a course or the course details in the Assigned folder in MY PLAN, the page now loads as expected. (CR 126916)
  • A database error no longer occurs when you select the Display on Registration Page option in the Edit Group window in User Management. (CR 126930)
  • The course title and ID are now correctly displaying on the course completion certificates. (CR 126939)
  • When you click the Join inGenius button on the Skillsoft Government Leadership Advantage page, a profile is now successfully created. (CR 127303)
  • Comments made to Books24x7 assets are now correctly displaying in the SkillPort inGenius stream. (CR 127306)
  • The title of the Login In Progress message now correctly displays in the default site language. (CR 127312)
  • When selecting a course in the catalog, the Download link is now enabled. (CR 127318)
  • Performance issues around certain inGenius-related actions have been resolved. (CR 127324)
  • Search delays around inGenius-related searches have been resolved. (CR 127325)
  • Users are now able to enroll in available ILT sessions instead of only having the option to add themselves to the waiting list. (CR 127504)
  • The ILT Session Schedule is now showing the correct time for the session end dates. (CR 127505)
  • When you click a start date for a session listed in the ILT Session Schedule, the correct session details are now displaying. (CR 127506)
  • Performance issues around launching courses and basic site navigation have been resolved. (CR 129437)
  • Users no longer receive warning messages pertaining to course availability when launching a course. (CR 129442)
  • Performance issues around expanding folders in the catalog and viewing Live Learning Course summaries have been resolved.(CR 129753)
  • Performance issues around searching for users in the Administrator UI have been resolved. (CR 129880)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The Learning Activity reports are now returning the expected results with no error messages. (CR 123542)
  • Users are no longer listed more than once in the User Participation by Group report. (CR 127313)
  • Data is no longer omitted from the Learning Program > Summary by User report results when the report is run on a group. (CR 127315)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report results now display the correct asset category for courses. (CR 127319)
  • The User Participation > User Participation by Group report no longer returns multiple duplicate entries containing conflicting data. (CRs 127320, 127321, 127322)