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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 7 (7.3.1708) - January 2013

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • When the Login Fields Layout field is set to Vertical in the Admin UI (Admin > Display > Login/Logout Options), the Forgot your user ID? link and Forgot your Password? link no longer overlap the login fields. (CR 127392)
  • Modifications made to the Login Text Customizations are now correctly being saved and are reflected in the UI. (CR 127478)
  • When searching for users by first name or last name, the search functionality in Admin > Users & Groups > User Management now correctly displays the search results. (CR 127748)
  • The error message "Course ID must be unique" no longer displays when administrators attempt to save and add ILT sessions with unique course IDs. (CR 127962)
  • An error no longer occurs when you click the Imported tab in My Progress. (CR 128283)
  • The Search&Learn Category drop-down list now includes the Learning Programs option when there are learning programs assigned to the user. (CR 128753)
  • The Approval Manager screenshot in the online Help was updated to accurately depict that the Asset Title column is not populated for development plan approval requests. (CR 128759)
  • The correct course start times are now displayed in the ILT Session Schedule. (CR 128770)
  • A new web site switch called Allow My Plan Overdue Notices was added to the Administrator UI to provide the ability to enable/disable My Plan overdue notifications. (CR 129145)
  • A more appropriate message now displays when you attempt to access a SkillPort site using a Share link. (CR 129147)
  • An error message stating that you need to enter a valid group name no longer displays when you submit the self-registration form. (CR 129151)
  • When launching courses through OLSA on an https site, the Skillsoft logo image now correctly displays. (CR 129154)
  • If you edit a a learning plan and select the Requires Approval to Enroll option, the option now correctly remains selected after you click Save. (CR 129414)
  • User profile fields that were previously displaying as blank after performing a user batch update are now correctly displaying in the User Management page. (CR 129607)
  • OLSA web service requests to create groups more than one group deep no longer result in an error. (CR 129754)
  • Notes that are added in the Session Notes field for ILT Sessions are now displaying in the calendar email reminders. (CR 130408)
  • Business Skills courses with certain course IDs that were previously not launching in OLSA can now be successfully launched. (CR 131402)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The Group Path in SURE reports is now the same as in the user/group structure. (CR 125388)
  • The SURE My Plan report now correctly displays all fields in the User Profile Filters. (CR 127065)
  • For My Plan assignments configured as recurring, the due date now correctly updates to reflect the new date upon completion of the course. (CR 129148)
  • The Summary by User report is now properly displaying all users. (CR 129150)
  • When running the Books24x7 Content Activity report, the books information is now included in the reports. (CR 129608)