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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 10 (7.3.2007) - February 2013

Bug Fixes - General SkillPort

  • An extra column no longer displays in My Progress when the SKP parameter enableMyPlanRequired is set to 1. (CR 88374)
  • When a course is launched in compliance mode, an error no longer occurs indicating that the Course Player cannot connect to the Learning Management System. (CR 130306)
  • In the default New User Notification email, the hyperlink to the Skillport site is now working correctly. (CR 131385)
  • The custom ILT notification now correctly includes variables that have been configured. (CR 131386)
  • In the Search&Learn results, hyperlinks for adding courses to My Plan are now correctly translated into the default site language. (CR 131532)
  • ILT sessions can no longer be marked as completed before the session start date has occurred. (CR 132573)
  • An error no longer occurs when you attempt to move a group into another group on the User Management page in the Administrator UI. (CR 132422)
  • My Plan overdue notices are no longer being erroneously sent prior to the course due dates. (CR 132572)
  • Issues with administrators sending emails to learners from completed sessions, where multiple To and From fields were erroneously displaying and the mailing list could not be viewed, have been resolved. (CR 132835)
  • An error message no longer displays that the Learning Program could not be saved when administrators attempt to save modifications to a Learning Program. (CR 133567)
  • When editing a Learning Program, an erroneous message no longer displays indicating that the asset(s) already exist in the Learning Program. (CR 133569)
  • Modifying the user profile label for the City field no longer incorrectly also changes the City field label displayed on the ILT Session Information page. (CR 133693)
  • Keywords that are specified as "invisible" will still be visible in the UI to company administrators only, and will display in italics. (CR 133876)
  • Enrollments for users enrolled in Learning Programs by administrators are now correctly displaying on the Enrollments and Waivers tab and the Manage Enrollments page in the Administrator UI. (CR 134185)
  • When you click on a group name on the User Management page, the list of members now correctly displays on the Membership tab. (CR 134236)
  • An error no longer occurs when you click the Show Details link for a course displayed in the search results or in the course catalog. (CR 134376)
  • Multiple duplicate copies of assigned learning programs no longer incorrectly display in the user's My Plan or on the My Plan Assignment tab in the User and Group Management page in the Administrator UI. (CR 134485)
  • Recurring courses are now showing as completed for those users who last took the course more than two years ago, and users are now being prompted to restart the course. (CR 134488)
  • Users who are members of both a parent group and its subgroup no longer display twice in the search results on the User Management page in the Administrator UI. (CR 134492)
  • The error message "XSS characters not allowed" no longer displays in My Plan when you click on a learning program. (CR 134495)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to launch a Books24x7 asset generated by the Federated Search web service. (CR 135920)
  • The Knowledge Center hyperlinks on the home page are now working correctly. (CR 135933)
  • The Knowledge Centers shortcut is now displaying on the home page. (CR 135966)

Bug Fixes - Reporting

  • The Summary by User report no longer displays an erroneous "Withdrawn" status for learning programs in which users were either never enrolled, or who had enrolled, started, or completed the learning program. (CR 133955)
  • Data is now being populated in the Filter 1 and Filter 2 fields on the Filter Options tab when running certain reports. (CR 132381)
  • The Learning Program > Detailed by User report and the Learning Program > Summary by User report are now returning the same results for the same parameters. (CR 134490)
  • On the Asset Filter tab of the Course Activity by Content report template, the catalog listing now correctly displays the courses. (CR 134491)

Bug Fixes - BCS

  • Issues with upgrading to Skillport version 7.3 and not being able to open Knowledge Centers in the KC Editor have been resolved. (CR 127988)