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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 11 (7.3.2106) - March 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • An error message no longer displays when administrators attempt to create a new keyword. (CR 129760)
  • When viewing a French ILT session, English words are no longer incorrectly displaying instead of French words. (CR 132383)
  • The ILT Roster tab now correctly contains the City, State, and Zip Code fields. (CR 134210)
  • When administrators specify the Default View as the Catalog, it now correctly displays instead of the home page. (CR 134378)
  • Learning programs that are 100% completed are no longer incorrectly displaying on the In Progress tab in My Progress. (CR 134484)
  • Issues with tracking completion calculations and status updates when upgrading Skillport version 6.5 to version 7.2 have been resolved. (CR 134487)
  • The Managed Import process has been fixed to correctly maintain double-byte characters. (CR 134780)
  • The learner user interface is now correctly displaying in the default language instead of in English. (CR 134787)
  • The SkillSoft Internal group no longer displays as empty in the Users and Groups tab on the User Management page. (CR 134942)
  • When searching by Org Code on the User Management page, the search results now display as expected without having to manually expand groups in the hierarchy. (CR 134992)
  • The online help was updated to clarify information about invisible keywords. (CR 135182)
  • Mobile-ready content is now correctly being flagged during site upgrades to Skillport version 7.3. (CR 135601)
  • The correct course completion date now displays on the Completed tab in My Progress. (CR 135718)
  • The error message "Course completion date is incorrect" no longer displays when you attempt to access completed course certificates. (CR 135720)
  • Issues with the default home page displaying instead of a custom home page with specified shortcuts have been resolved. (CR 135792)
  • An issue with imported historical records flagging completed courses as "in progress" has been resolved. (CR 135865)
  • Both graphs on the My Dashboard page are now loading successfully. (CR 135880)
  • Wait-listed ILT users are now correctly receiving notification emails when they are automatically enrolled as a result of another user withdrawing from the course. (CR 135965)
  • When launching a course from My Plan, users are no longer receiving the erroneous message "This course will be available for training within the next 30 minutes". (CR 136067)
  • The error message "Course ID must be unique" no longer occurs when administrators attempt to save an added ILT session in the Course and Session Manager. (CR 136246)
  • When accessing Skillport using the Traditional Chinese localization interface, the My Approvals link on the home page no longer incorrectly displays in English. (CR 137064)
  • When accessing Skillport using the Traditional Chinese localization interface, the Support > Help link on the home page no longer displays an "Invalid URL" error. (137065)

Fixes - Reporting

  • Users are no longer displaying multiple times for the same course in the User > My Plan report. (CR 135713)
  • The "ReadResponse() failed: The server did not return a response for this request" error no longer occurs when running SURE reports. (CR 135727)
  • When saving report results in Microsoft Excel format, the first row of the spreadsheet is no longer hidden. (CR 112686)
  • The ILT course durations in the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report and the user's My Progress are now correctly displaying the same duration. (CR 117479)
  • Managers can no longer erroneously run SURE reports on groups not included in their group structure. (CR 135716)
  • The Group My Plan Assignments report is now returning the expected results. (CR 135794)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report no longer has performance issues and is now returning expected results without timing out. (CR 135857)

Fixes - BSC Commands

  • An error no longer occurs when running the parameter select_subgroups against a SkillPort 7.3 site. (CR 135809)