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View Active Sessions Report

Use the View Reports page to view active sessions reports, review report details, and delete reports.

Note: Ensure you save critical reports offline after you generate them.

To view the active sessions report

  1. Click Support > Diagnostics > View Active Sessions Report on the navigation bar.

    The View Reports page displays.

    View Reports window

  2. Click the title of the report you want to view.

    Depending on the selected output format, the report displays either in a new browser window or in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  3. To view information about a report:
    1. Click the question mark in the corresponding row.

      The Report Details window displays the report title, user name of the person who ran the report, report status, date submitted, date completed, and execution time.

    2. In the Report Details window, review the report information.
    3. To view the report, click View Report.
    4. To close the Report Details window, click Close.
  4. To delete selected reports:
    1. Click the check box corresponding to the report(s) you want to delete.
    2. Click Delete Report(s).
  5. To delete all reports:
    1. Click Select All.
    2. Click Delete Report(s).