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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 12 (7.3.2205) - April 2013

Changes and Modifications

  • Virtual Practice-Labs assets are now supported in SkillPort/OLSA.

Fixes - General Skillport

  • The confirmation email sent to users enrolled in an ILT session now includes the correct session date. (CR 132437)
  • The correct completion date for ILT courses is now displaying on the Certificate of Completion. (CR 134729)
  • Book cover images are no longer appearing distorted in Internet Explorer when viewed using the SkillPort Share link. (CR 135606)
  • Overdue notifications are no longer being sent for completed My Plan courses. (CR 135715)
  • Learning programs that are 100% completed are no longer incorrectly displaying on the In Progress tab in My Progress. (CR 135865)
  • Viewing the My Plan assignment using the My Plan Assigner is now loading as expected with no performance issues. (CR 136103)
  • Learners are no longer receiving erroneous email notifications that their learning program is pending approval when approval is not required. (CR 136245)
  • The error message "The content you selected may no longer be available" no longer displays when you attempt to play a learning program under Matched Activity from the Search&Learn > Community results. (CR 136482)
  • An error message no longer displays in the catalog when you select the Show Details link for a learning program. (CR 136483)
  • The ILT templates in Notification Management now use the same variable name when referring to Session Administrators. (CR 136505)
  • Email notifications indicating Customer Batch Report completions are now correctly being sent when the batch has completed instead of when the batch file is uploaded. (CR 136608)
  • A grammatical error was corrected in the confirmation message that is displayed to administrators after they make any edits to emails in Notification Management. (CR 136694)
  • The drop-down menu used for choosing a template when editing emails on the Manage Emails tab in Notification Management is now working correctly. (CR 137138)
  • Users that exist in an advanced group that is set to certain languages are now correctly receiving the default New User Notification email. (CR 137140)
  • Corrections were made to the Thai user interface for grammar, spelling, and correct word choice. (CR 137275)
  • The session identifier is now correctly being reset upon login to SkillPort. (CR 137411)
  • Users who inherit Books collections from an Assignment Group instead of from a regular group are no longer receiving an error when they launch the Books asset. (CR 137412)
  • A security fix has been implemented to reduce the impact of potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on multiple pages in SkillPort. (CR 137413)
  • Administrators can no longer view users in Assignment Groups for which they do not have the Assignment Group Access privilege. (CR 137414)
  • A security fix has been implemented to reduce the impact of potential SQL injection vulnerabilities on endpoint URLs. (CR 137417)
  • A security fix has been implemented to reduce the impact of potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on endpoint URLs. (CR 137418)
  • Courses assigned to users are now correctly displaying in their My Plan. (CR 139199)

Fixes - Reporting

  • Users are no longer displaying multiple times for the same course in the User > My Plan report. (CR 135713)
  • The catalog path delimiter used in Catalog reports was changed from a slash to the pipe character to enable reports in CSV format to be parsed correctly. (CRs 119363, 136611, 100043)
  • The Content > Learning Program > Summary by User report is now correctly returning the expected results when running the report on a group. (CR 136496)