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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 13 (7.3.2307) - April 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • You can now successfully use the search functionality on the site without encountering an error. (CR 135717)
  • The background color for evaluations is now controlled by the Global Evaluation Background setting on the Web Site Colors page in the Administrator user interface, and is no longer inherited from the Login Background setting. (CR 82827)
  • An issue with administrators not being able to enroll users in an ILT session using the ILT Content and Session Manager has been resolved. (CR 137189)
  • Notification emails are no longer being sent to approval managers regarding users who are located in a different group and do not have approval managers. (CR 137190)
  • You can now access completion certificates and view detailed reports for any ILT sessions that were completed before an upgrade to Skillport 7.3. (CR 137739)
  • Passive courses in learning programs now correctly require users to launch the course in order for the course to be considered completed. (CR 137741)
  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, a blank list no longer displays for the session rosters for ILT courses. (CR 137823)
  • The Completed tab in My Progress now displays the correct listing of completed courses. (CR 138144)
  • When logging in, the security question text now displays in the correct localized language for the user. (CR 138487)
  • ILT courses that are assigned to My Plan are now correctly displaying the Enroll option when Show Details is selected. (CR 138562)
  • The Attendance Sheet in the ILT Course and Session Manager is no longer being cut off after the first page of data. (CR 138563)
  • Custom folders added to the Catalog in the Administrator UI are now correctly being saved after exiting the Catalog Manager. (CR 138750)
  • Courses that are moved to another folder in the Catalog are now correctly saved in the new location. (CR 138795)
  • An issue with names displaying with incorrect characters in User Management after performing a batch upload of a CSV file containing double-byte characters has been resolved. (CR 139131)
  • The Imported tab in My Progress now displays in the correct localized language instead of in English. (CR 139132)
  • The copyright information was updated on the English and French Ask My Mentor (AMM) pages. (CR 91427)

Fixes - Reporting

  • Customized text in the ILT Course and Session Manager on the Roster tab is now correctly displaying in the Learner Report. (CR 138751)