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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 14 (7.3.2405) - May 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • Email reminder notifications are now correctly being sent to every user who has not yet completed their My Plan assignments. (CR 139493)
  • Duplicate course listings are no longer displaying to users in My Plan. (CR 140230)
  • Modified default templates that were being subsequently reset when the server was restarted are now locked by the system so that the changes are saved. (CR 139500)
  • The selections for Language in Search & Learn are now displaying correctly for ILT courses. (CR 79570)
  • When users are included in a subgroup of an Advanced Group, Books 24x7 content assignments are now correctly being pulled from the subgroup and not the Advanced Group. (CR 138183)
  • In the Catalog page of the Admin UI, custom folders that are moved are now being saved in their new location upon exiting the Catalog. (CR 138750)
  • My Plan overdue notifications are no longer erroneously being sent to users for courses that are not yet overdue. (CRs 138897, 138904, 139396)
  • In the Admin UI, the Default Document URL setting is no longer available when viewing settings in the context of an Advanced Group. (CR 138982)
  • Email sent from the ILT Course and Session Manager where the default "From" email address was changed are now being received by users. (CR 138995)
  • When assigning content in the Catalog to a group, modifications to the folder order are now correctly saved. (CR 139134)
  • In the message displayed when users attempt to launch an OLSA asset while the site is being upgraded, the words "Skillsoft" and "elearning" were edited to reflect the correct capitalization. (CR 139140)
  • Users can no longer launch courses from the Community search results that they have not been granted access to. (CR 139158)
  • An issue with ILT courses not being searchable by title or by course code has been resolved. (CR 139402)
  • An issue with the Force Password Change option set in User Management not working when initiated at the group level has been resolved. (CR 139448)
  • The Attd, Pass, Score, and Notes columns on the Roster tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager are now properly sorting content. (CR 139470)
  • An issue where errors were occurring with SURE ETLs has been resolved. (CR 139503)
  • The recurrence icon no longer incorrectly displays in the Catalog for non-recurring courses. (CR 139616)
  • Admins are no longer receiving email notifications regarding users who are not within their scope. (CR 139619)