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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 15 (7.3.2505) - May 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • In Users and Groups in the Admin UI, fields that are required when creating a new user are now correctly indicated with an asterisk. (CR 81603)
  • Hyperlinks in the shortcuts menu that were previously clicked are now changing color as expected when you subsequently hover the mouse over them. (CR 82831)
  • The banner logo image is now still displayed on the home page even if the Home link is disabled. (CR 84487)
  • An issue where inGenius was getting enabled for advanced groups has been resolved. (CR 136983)
  • Imported historical data for users displayed in My Progress on the Import tab are now correctly indicating courses as Complete instead of as In Progress. (CR 137821)
  • An issue was resolved where images were not displaying in inGenius. (CR 139133)
  • The user completion status for completed courses now correctly displays as Complete instead of In Progress. (CR 139259)
  • When users are included in a subgroup of an Advanced Group, Books 24x7 content assignments are now correctly inherited by the subgroup. (CR 139534)
  • An issue with duplicate entries displaying in the Catalog has been resolved. (CR 139539)
  • Courses published to a Skillport site using Skillsoft Publisher are now displaying as expected in the Skillport Catalog. (CR 139746)
  • The hyperlink in the Batch Add/Update email notification that included an invalid URL has been fixed. (CR 139861)
  • An error message no longer displays when you attempt to print a certificate of completion from the Completed tab in My Progress. (CR 140229)
  • Menu items in the Completion Status drop-down menu on the Filter Options tab of report template Filter Options are no longer displaying in the wrong language. (CR 140307)
  • When users are included in a subgroup of an Advanced Group, Books 24x7 content assignments are now correctly being pulled from the subgroup and not the Advanced Group. (CR 140639)
  • When viewing course completion certificates in My Progress, the correct completion date is now displayed. (CR 141525)

Fixes - Reporting

  • In the Asset Activity by User report, the Actual Duration values for courses are no longer being incorrectly rounded down to the nearest minute. (CR 138044)
  • Changes made by an Admin to the folder structure in the Catalog are now being accurately displayed when viewing the Catalog in reports. (CR 139721)
  • The online documentation for the Detailed by Course and User > Content ILT Student Roster report was updated to correctly specify that the ILT Course Status default value is 1 (Active). (CR 140253)