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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 16 (7.3.2605) - June 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • System performance issues related to performing administrator tasks in User Management have been resolved. (CR 140105)
  • When searching for courses in a custom Knowledge Center, results are now returned as expected. (CR 142436)
  • Users are now correctly inheriting Catalog assignments from the parent group. (CR 142842)
  • An issue where duplicate entries were displaying in the Catalog, and several locked folders were not displaying the lock icon, has been resolved. (CR 139539)
  • A more informative prompt is now displayed, instead of a "security risk" warning message, when the SCM sniffer applet attempts to run when users log in to Skillport, self-register, or download SCM. (CR 140432)
  • Users can no longer search for courses that have not been assigned to them in the Catalog or My Plan. (CR 140440)
  • Group members are now correctly displaying on the Membership tab in the Admin UI on the Users & Groups > User Management page. (CR 140547)
  • In the Admin UI, on the Users & Groups > User Management page, the Edit User dialog box no longer remains displayed when you click the Save button. (CR 140611)
  • The email templates in the Admin UI, in Configuration > Notification Management, are now properly displaying line breaks between paragraphs. (CR 140622)
  • When you attempt to edit a user in Users & Groups > User Management to remove a space in the user name, the error message "The application has encountered an error. Contact your training manager" no longer occurs. (CR 140630)
  • On the Users & Groups > User Management page, the labels on the Advanced Search fields no longer overlap the fields when the window is resized. (CR 140697)
  • The My Plan report no longer shows course scores of 100 for restarted courses that have no current score. (CR 140699)
  • The issue where courses included in the full catalog listing were not displaying in the search results in Search & Learn or in the Catalog search has been resolved. (CR 140714)
  • Newly created Learning Program folders are now correctly being added into the root Learning Program folder instead of into the nested folder. (CR 140716)
  • In Learning Programs that are set to "Complete all items in order", users can no longer access courses from any folder without completing all assets in the previous folder. (CR 140719)
  • An error message no longer displays when Administrators attempt to add folders in the Catalog. (CR 140723)
  • Overdue notifications are no longer being emailed to users for ILT courses that have a completed status. (CR 140869)
  • Courses that have met the completion criteria are now correctly displaying in My Progress as completed. (CRs 140868, 141807)
  • When attempting to log in to SkillPort using Internet Explorer 7, users are no longer being redirected back to the login page with a message that the session has expired. (CR 142114)

Fixes - Reporting

  • An issue with completed test scores displaying as N/A in the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report after a system upgrade has been resolved. (CRs 142208, CR 142859)
  • The ILT Student Roster > Detailed by Session and Course report is no longer returning results outside of the selected activity range. (CR 140515)
  • Error messages no longer occur when you attempt to save results on SURE report templates. (CR 142315)