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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 17 (7.3.2704) - June 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • Error messages no longer display when attempting to edit the inGenius profile when using JRE 1.7.0_21. (CR 142003)
  • An issue where a warning message displayed in the RO window when running passive content through OLSA has been resolved. (CR 142030)
  • In Admin > User Management > My Plan Assignment, when assigning content to a group, folders that you reorder are now saved in their correct locations. (CR 139134)
  • The error message "Your session has expired" no longer displays after you log in to Skillport and launch a course. (CR 140588)
  • An issue was fixed where certain asset titles in learning programs were incorrectly being displayed within a set of brackets. (CR 141052)
  • Users are now receiving My Plan reminder emails to complete courses that are set up for recurrence. (CR 141053)
  • Multiple withdrawal notices are no longer being sent to Admins when a user withdraws from an ILT session. (CR 141055)
  • When you attempt to add a course to a Learning Program, an error no longer displays indicating that the course is already in the Learning Program. (CR 141059)
  • The confirmation message that displays when completing an ILT session has been edited to remove the obsolete text referring to completed courses being automatically removed from a user's My Plan. (CR 141061)
  • Search results are now being returned when searching for facility IDs in the ILT Resource Manager. (CR 141065)
  • Courses contained in Learning Programs are now correctly displayed when the Learning Program is expanded. (CR 141113)
  • Certificates are now displaying in My Progress on the Completed tab for all completed ILT courses. (CR 141220)
  • When moving an account from one group to another, data is no longer lost in any hidden custom user profile fields. (CR 141522)
  • Users are now properly inheriting Catalog assignments from their parent group. (CR 143965)
  • Asset completion errors related to upgrading to SkillPort 7.3 have been resolved. (CR 143969)
  • In My Progress, users are now able to launch all courses in a Learning Program. (CR 144057)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The Content Evaluation> Detailed by Evaluation report is now returning the expected results. (CR 141214)
  • ILT sessions are now correctly included in the results for SURE user reports. (CR 141401)
  • The correct course completion dates are now displaying in My Progress for ILT sessions. (CR 141519)