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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 18 (7.3.2806) - July 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • SURE reports and legacy reports are now correctly displaying the same Actual Duration times for completed courses. (CR 139491)
  • A spelling error was corrected in an error message that may occur in Admin > User Management when creating new users and adding them to multiple groups. (CR 141221)
  • In Admin > User Management, the Pending Registrations list is now correctly displaying the users with registrations pending. (CR 141632)
  • Users are no longer receiving My Plan overdue notification emails for courses that do not have reminders set. (CR 141800)
  • Custom content and "off the shelf" content from Skillport sites residing on the same instance as other Skillport sites is no longer incorrectly displaying in the Catalog Hierarchy reports of the wrong site. (CR 142014)
  • Enrollments that are listed in a user's My Plan are now also correctly displaying on the Users tab in Admin > Users & Groups > Enrollments and Waivers. (CR 142337)
  • Users are no longer logged out of Skillport when they click on the Evaluate this course link for a completed course in My Progress. (CR 142586)
  • Edits made to group assignments on the My Plan Assignment tab in Admin > User Management are now being saved as expected. (CR 142665)
  • A script error that was occurring due to a change in the HTML/Javascript coding on the SinglePassUserCmd page has been resolved. (CR 142691)
  • My Plan overdue email notifications are no longer being sent to users for courses they have already completed. (CR 142845)
  • Sessions are now correctly closing for enrollment at the time specified in the Enrollment Settings. (CR 143188)
  • Changing the protocol in the Skillport site URL from HTTPS to HTTP no longer allows users to continue accessing the Skillport site. (CR 143255)
  • My Plan overdue email notifications are no longer being sent to users for Learning Programs which are not assigned to them. (CR 144614)
  • Skillport sites set to HTTPS no longer switch to HTTP protocol on the Change Password page when new users log in to Skillport who have the "Force Password Change" option specified. (CR 145259)

Fixes - Reporting

  • When the Course Catalog Hierarchy report is run in the OLSA Admin, an additional duplicate SkillSoft folder is no longer included in the generated XML file. (CR 141808)
  • The ilt_course_status parameter was updated to include two values. (CR 142837)
  • The Completion Date listed in custom reports is no longer incorrectly displaying a date and time that occurs prior to the First Accessed date. (CR 139527)
  • In the Content > Learning Program > Edit Summary by User report, users are no longer displaying as Withdrawn for Learning Programs in which they were never enrolled. (CR 141683)
  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now displaying the correct values for Assignment Status. (CR 142426)
  • The spreadsheet containing ILT batch enrollment results now includes the student IDs associated with the sessions. (CR 142977)
  • The User My Plan Detailed report no longer includes courses that are not assigned to the user's My Plan. (CR 144622)