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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 19 (7.3.2905) - August 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • Custom logo images in the banner are no longer being distorted when they are resized. (CR 105690)
  • The "Session timed out" message no longer displays with odd characters for localized languages. (CR 122758)
  • The Language drop-down list in Search&Learn no longer includes incorrect language options. (CR 139863)
  • A latency issue that occurred when launching KnowledgeCenters from accounts in the Skillsoft group has been resolved. (CR 140316)
  • In the My Plan Assignment tab in Admin > User Management, the icons are now correctly hyperlinked. (CR 143260)
  • An issue with Admins being unable to approve or deny requests in Approval Manager has been resolved. (CR 143716)
  • Completed courses are no longer displaying on the In Progress tab in users' My Progress. (CR 143768)
  • When launching Books 24x7 assets, an error message indicating that the asset is not in the user's catalog no longer displays. (CR 143808)
  • An issue with users not being able to expand folders in the Catalog has been resolved. (CR 143966)
  • When performing an Advanced Search in Admin > User Management, deactivated users are now being successfully located. (CRs 144139, 144862)
  • Notification emails are now correctly being sent when a Learning Event is added to a user's My Plan. (CR 144144)
  • The error "Specified course has not been completed by user" no longer displays when clicking on the certificate icon for completed courses on the Completed tab. (CR 144342)
  • My Plan overdue notices are no longer incorrectly being sent out for items where the due date has not yet passed. (CR 144345)
  • When running certain reports, Admins are no longer receiving an error message that the server is down or is refusing connections. (CR 144348)
  • When sending an email to ILT session attendees in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the To field now displays the recipients and can be clicked to add additional users, and the Send button is no longer grayed out. (CR 144359)
  • Courses that have been completed are now displaying as expected on the Completed tab in My Progress. (CR 145262)
  • An issue where email reminders for learning plans with completion dates several years in the past were being sent to users has been resolved. (CR 145390)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The User My Plan Detailed report is now completing successfully without returning an error. (CR 147185)
  • The Learning Program > Summary by User report is now displaying the enrollment date for users enrolled in a Learning Program. (CR 143271)
  • When running the Default > ILT Student Roster > Detailed by Course and User report, if there is no data available that matches the report parameters, the "No data available to display" error message now displays in less than one minute. (CR 143566)
  • The Matrix by Learning Program report is now completing successfully without returning an error. (CR 143806)
  • The User My Plan Detailed report is no longer displaying incorrect completion status for Learning Programs assigned to users. (CRs 145533, 145692)

Fixes - BCS

  • The BCS command DoesUserExist no longer returns a response of "false" for an existing deactivated account. (CR 140712)
  • Running the GetUserDetails command without a "maxcount" value no longer times out after running indefinitely. (CR 144132)