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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 20 (7.3.3006) - August 2013

Fixes - General Skillport

  • Users are now able to complete required courses that have been assigned with a recurrence of 5 months. (CR 146161)
  • Improvements have been made to the search response time when using Search&Learn with inGenius. (CR 146163)
  • An issue with ELO assets not launching successfully has been resolved. (CR 148088)
  • When users enroll themselves in a live learning course, the notification email now correctly specifies the status as enrolled and not pending approval. (CR 144270)
  • When searching for a group in the ILT Course and Session Manager, clicking on the resulting group now correctly displays the Users and Groups tab with the contents expanded to display the selected group. (CR 144356)
  • When creating or editing a learning event, the selected Start Date and End Date no longer get set incorrectly to the previous day upon saving. (CR 144612)
  • The screen is no longer cut off when learner's view ILT course selections and expand the details of the course. (CR 144674)
  • The Withdraw option for ILT sessions in My Plan no longer displays in English when the default site language is French. (CR 144676)
  • The Enrollment Status Change notifications for ILT sessions for users in Advanced Groups no longer display the status in English when the default site language is French. (CR 144677)
  • When the default site language is French, enrollment withdrawal emails are now being sent as expected to users in Advanced Groups who withdraw from an ILT session. (CR 144679)
  • When searching for users in User Management in the Admin UI, the message "No Results Found" no longer displays when you click to the next page of multiple pages of results. (CR 144681)
  • Alerts are now occurring as expected when ILT sessions are created that are scheduled at the same time with the same instructor. (CR 144690)
  • ILT courses are now correctly displaying in learning programs to which they have been added. (CR 144692)
  • Line breaks that have been removed from custom email templates are no longer reappearing after the template is saved. (CR 144860)
  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, fields are no longer cut off in the Advanced Search. (CR 144953)
  • An error no longer occurs when you attempt to preview custom ILT notification templates in Content > Notification Management in the Admin UI. (CR 144997)
  • When searching in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the search results are now displaying the expected enrollments. (CR 145757)
  • Completed courses that are not set as recurring and do not have force restart set are no longer incorrectly displaying in My Progress. (CR 146166)
  • In the Admin help files, an error message no longer displays when accessing certain help links for Wikis and Blogs. (CR 146242)
  • A typographical error was fixed in the instructions for editing passwords in My Profile > Update User Profile. (CR 146254)
  • Admins are now correctly receiving emails from those users who self-register from email domains other than the ones defined in Configuration > Self-Registration. (CR 146475)
  • Due dates are no longer displaying as blank for course reminders set in My Plan. (CR 146809)
  • When launching Business Skills content via OLSA, requests from the Skillsoft Course Player for the dynamic skin are no longer returning a blank result. (CR 148248)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The User My Plan Detailed report is now returning results as expected without generating errors. (CRs 146008, 144682)
  • The User My Plan report is no longer returning more entries than is expected. (CRs 146168, 146169)
  • The Course Catalog Hierarchy report now correctly shows every hierarchy in which a particular course is included. (CR 144424)
  • The Course Catalog Hierarchy report now correctly includes all created catalogs/curricula that are present beneath the main catalog. (CR 144426)
  • The Learning Program > Summary by User report no longer shows the same learning program as both started and completed. (CR 144596)
  • The Matrix by Learning Program report is no longer missing information when run in Excel format. (CR 146154)
  • The display order of the Completion Date and Completion Status columns have been switched in the Learning Program > Detail report. (CR 146158)
  • Reports generated in HTML format no longer display with overlapping data. (CR 146162)
  • When searching in reports on the Groups/Users tab, the results are now displaying as expected without an error occurring. (CR 140957)
  • The Content > Learning Program > Detailed by User report is now completing successfully with no error occurring. (CR 145801)
  • The Content > Books24x7 Content Activity > Summary by Asset report is now completing successfully with no error occurring. (CR 146030)
  • The Content > Credentialing > Summary by User report is now completing successfully with no error occurring. (CR 146036)
  • An SQL error no longer occurs when you attempt to edit any report template in the Admin UI. (CR 146160)

Fixes - BCS

  • The GetLearningProgramInfo.cfm command is now returning expected information about the Learning Programs. (CR 146159)