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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 22 (7.3.3205) - October 2013

Changes and Modifications

SkillPort 7.3 now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile devices, including:

  • Seamless login to the SkillPort 7.3 site
  • Support for BCS and OLSA APIs relevant to the user experience
  • Support for PingFederate-SSO and SAML as a turn-key solution
  • Support for selected custom SSO solutions
  • Support for Share and Deep links
  • Support for custom SkillPort pages on a mobile device

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • An issue was resolved where the Catalog was incorrectly displaying duplicate and extraneous entries. (CRs 148604, 147179)
  • The Microsoft folder now opens correctly when you click on it in the Catalog. (CR 146470)
  • In the Admin > Content > ILT > Course and Session Manager, the roster no longer displays duplicate users. (CR 146477)
  • When users enroll in an ILT course, the ICS attachment in the notification email no longer has a blank subject line. (CRs 146481, 148730)
  • After confirming an ILT session, or editing a confirmed ILT session, the calendar attachment in the email sent to registered users no longer includes the incorrect start time for the session. (CR 147085)
  • URLs included in approval emails that are sent from the ILT Course and Session Manager are now functioning correctly. (CR 147177)
  • When modifying results for a completed session in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the changes are now correctly being saved. (CR 147218)
  • When creating multiple user accounts in User Management > Users & Groups, the email addresses are now correct instead of being the same as the first account created. (CR 147347)
  • An issue where ILT sessions were displaying on the Roster tab as having been attended and passed by the enrolled students even though they were not marked as complete has been resolved. (CR 147854)
  • In Admin > Configuration > Notification Management, the error "The application has encountered an error. Contact your training manager" no longer occurs when you attempt to preview a copy of the Ad-Hoc Email. (CR 148729)
  • When Web Accessibility is enabled, you can now use the Tab key to access the Completed tab on the My Progress page. (CR 149708)
  • When attempting to use SAML deep-linking to a book, the error "java.lang.NullPointerException" no longer occurs. (CR 150163)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The Error Rendering message no longer displays when you attempt to generate the Content > Learning Program > Matrix by Learning Program report. (CR 149351)
  • The User > inGenius > Detailed by User report is now correctly showing the Profile Creation date regardless of the specified date range. (CR 147088)
  • An issue where schedule data in the SURE database was corrupted or duplicated has been resolved. (CR 147936)
  • The User > Learning Activity >Asset Activity by User report is no longer incorrectly displaying multiple instances of the same course. (CR 148152)