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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 23 (7.3.3308) - October 2013

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • An issue where the Asset Activity by Group report was not returning the correct results after upgrading from SkillPort 7.2 to 7.3 has been resolved. (CR 151795)
  • In User Management, when creating new users and editing the group membership, clicking the Add button no longer causes an error indicating that a duplicate group cannot be added. (CR 136692)
  • An error no longer occurs in User Management > Users & Groups when an Administrator attempts to edit a user after editing the user’s approval manager. (CR 140711)
  • An error no longer occurs when an Administrator creates a new user and then adds him to multiple groups, some of which are Assignment groups. (CR 141221)
  • User accounts can now be successfully deactivated using the dot net example provided in the OLSA Toolkit (OTK) - EditUserExample without encountering the error "User not updated - nothing to update." (CR 144517)
  • An issue where ILT courses were not able to be sorted in alphabetical order in Catalog folders has been resolved. (CR 144520)
  • The warning message "Warning, you are about to change the completion criteria, and historical completions are not Frozen. This may result in previous Completions being changed based on the new criteria. Are you sure you want to proceed without Freezing past completions?" no longer occurs when Admins attempt to edit the Global Completion Criteria. (CR 144581)
  • When adding or editing a user's group membership, certain combinations of groups no longer return an error upon saving the changes. (CR 144859)
  • When clicking the View in Catalog button after displaying details for an asset, the asset's location in the Catalog is now identified correctly. (CR 146348)
  • An issue with how courses were displaying in the Catalog after being removed from custom folders has been resolved. (CR 146362)
  • The "no-store" directive was added to the current Cache-Control header to ensure that application data is not cached by certain browsers. (CR 146467)
  • When configured to do so, Admins are now receiving emails from users who register with email accounts that are outside of the defined email domain. (CR 146475)
  • In Users & Groups > User Management, an error no longer occurs when you attempt to change a normal group to an assignment group. (CR 146723)
  • In Users & Groups > User Management, the Remove button is no longer disabled when you attempt to remove a user from a group. (CR 146863)
  • The ILT Batch Add submission message that displays after the batch file is uploaded was changed to clarify that the request status and results are available under the Batch Upload Report option on the Users and Groups menu. (CR 147219)
  • Search&Learn is now correctly returning the proper results. (CR 147852)
  • The correct approval due dates are now included in emails received by approval managers to approve ILT session requests. (CR 148003)
  • An error no longer occurs after editing a learning program and then attempting to save it in Admin > Content > Learning Programs. (CR 148072)
  • An issue where Admins were incorrectly able to withdraw a learner from a group enrollment has been resolved. (CR 148076)
  • The Login to SkillPort box on the home page now displays consistently when using different browsers. (CR 148083)
  • An issue where learning programs were not displaying in the Catalog when attempting to assign it to a group has been resolved. (CR 148602)
  • In My Progress, completed courses are now correctly being displayed as Completed. (CR 148659)
  • In Configuration > Completion Criteria in the SkillPort Administrator, the install date listed for courses is no longer incorrectly displaying the last updated date instead. (CR 148666)
  • An issue where invalid lines included in the _ss_entitlement_status.xml file caused an error with the Sumtotal catalog sync has been resolved. (CR 149776)
  • When the Skillsoft Course Manager is configured to require both SkillPort username and password for login, the login no longer fails with an "Authorization Failed" error message. (CR 150604)

Fixes - Reporting

  • ILT classes are now being properly displayed when editing the ILT Student Roster > Detailed by Session/Course report. (CR 146351)
  • The User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report results are now correctly also including users who have only accessed non-course assets. (CR 147853)
  • An issue where an error occurred when generating the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by Group report has been resolved. (CR 147855)
  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is no longer showing the LP as Completed with no completion date. (CR 148246)