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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 24 (7.3.3405) - November 2013

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Folders consisting entirely of inactive assets are no longer displayed to learners in the Catalog. (CR 151605)
  • An issue where courses were not displaying in the Catalog for learners has been resolved. (CR 152044)
  • An issue where courses exited with unsummarized results (when the exit AU did not run upon exiting the course) were showing scores but not valid completions in SkillPort and SURE reporting has been resolved. (CR 152606)
  • The Search functionality in Admin > Users & Groups > User Management is now working correctly when you attempt to search for a user immediately after deleting a user. (CR 146104)
  • When saving or canceling a Catalog Assignment or MY PLAN Assignment in Admin > Users & Groups > User Management, a scripting error no longer occurs in Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10. (CR 146345)
  • An ETL issue with upgrading from SkillPort 7.0 to SkillPort 7.3 has been resolved. (CR 146357)
  • A new SKP parameter, skillport_session_timeout, has been added to allow specifying company-specific session timeout values. (CR 146466)
  • An issue where My Progress was incorrectly displaying a High Score value of 133 for a course has been resolved. (CR 147084)
  • In Admin > Configuration > Notification Management, an error no longer occurs when attempting to preview a new user notification email template. (CR 147830)
  • An issue where batch update reports submitted via fail to complete in SkillPort has been resolved. (CR 147857)
  • Course content launched on a tablet is now correctly displaying in the full course player format. (CR 147986)
  • When searching for terms in the Job Aids or Skillbriefs category, the search is now returning the expected results instead of Cross Knowledge content. (CR 149593)
  • Users added to a group with a MY PLAN assignment having a goal and a due date are now receiving email notifications that correctly includes the goal and due date information. (CR 150019)
  • In the SkillPort Administrator, performing a basic search on the ILT enrollment no longer applies the basic search criteria to the City, State, and Country fields. (CR 150401)
  • The Request for Approval email sent to approval managers for ILT sessions now correctly specifies the expiration date for approving or denying the request. (CR 150680)
  • The Certificate of Completion is now displaying the correct course completion date. (CR 150877)
  • The due date is now correct in the email notification received by users for courses assigned to their MY PLAN. (CR 151006)
  • Learners are no longer incorrectly receiving MY PLAN reminder notifications for courses they have already completed. (CR 151512)
  • An issue where performance issues resulted in a service outage when retrieving the list of user stat fields for a SkillPort company to display on the User Management > Edit User page has been resolved. (CR 151903)
  • Empty folders are no longer being displayed to Admins and learners in the core curricula folder of the Catalog. (CR 152113)
  • When entering ILT session results on the Course Manager tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the results are now successfully saved when the Admin submits them. (CR 152228)
  • When creating ILT sessions in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the sessions are now displaying as expected in the session list. (CR 152232)
  • Courses that are still within the open window are no longer incorrectly displaying to users as being in Review Mode. (CR 152268)
  • The Session tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager now correctly displays the course sessions with no error. (CR 152862)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The System > SkillPort User Login > Detailed by Group report is now generating successfully with no errors. (CR 146156)
  • The User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is now generating results in the expected time frame. (CR 146020)
  • SURE reports are no longer returning different Books24x7 data from various templates. (CR 147844)
  • The User > User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now correctly showing the completion date for courses that have a status of Completed. (CR 150884)
  • An issue where custom filters were not being saved in personal templates in SURE reporting has been resolved. (CR 151923)
  • The Content > Content Activity > Course Activity by Content report is now returning the expected results when filters are applied. (CR 153086)
  • The ILT Student Roster > Detailed by User report is now correctly returning data for ILT courses when there is data available. (CR 153397)