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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 25 (7.3.3510) - December 2013

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • When an Admin enrolls a user in an ILT session, the user now promptly receives the enrollment notification email. (CR 151628)
  • Users who enroll in ILT sessions are no longer incorrectly receiving session withdrawal email notifications. (CR 153716)
  • An issue was fixed where Admins were enrolling users as a group in an LP, but they were not actually getting enrolled. (CR 153940)
  • The due date is now correct in the email notification sent to those users who have a completion for a course that is subsequently assigned to their MY PLAN with recurrence set to "Recurring by Completion Date". (CR 153941)
  • For credentials that require both a score and content visitation to be complete, the course is no longer being marked as completed until all requirements are met. (CR 144343)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to enter ILT session results in Admin > Content > ILT > Course and Session Manager. (CR 144357)
  • An error no longer occurs when an Admin creates a new user and then adds him to multiple groups, some of which are Assignment groups. (CR 144875)
  • InGenius events are no longer displaying inconsistent entries on each page. (CR 145847)
  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, when you select the Print option for a session, the report that displays now has the correct column headings. (CR 147832)
  • The Session Created email sent to learners when a new ILT session is created now includes a link for learners to enroll in the session. (CR 147888)
  • In User Management, the group hierarchy is now displaying correctly when specifying group membership for new users. (CR 148149)
  • The ILT link in the Shortcuts area is now correctly being enabled or disabled for the selected advanced group. (CR 148158)
  • Single-spaced bullets added to custom email templates in Notification Management are no longer displaying in the received emails as double-spaced bullets. (CR 148261)
  • When searching for a course in the ILT Course and Session Manager, wild cards are now used so the exact course ID or title does not have to be entered. (CR 148308)
  • You can now search by course administrator in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CR 148309)
  • An error message no longer displays when an Admin attempts to edit a user profile in User Management. (CR 148480)
  • Text spacing is now displaying correctly in emails received by learners that were created from custom templates. (CR 148549)
  • When you click the Description link for a course in MY PLAN, the course description text is no longer being cut off. (CR 148584)
  • When creating an ILT session, the entered session capacity value is no longer being overridden by the capacity of the selected classroom. (CR 148815)
  • The customized Company Contact link on the Forgot Password page is now functioning correctly. (CR 148830)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to open a course's credential certificate. (CR 149080)
  • When an Admin enrolls a learner in a learning program, and the learner has a MY PLAN or Catalog Assignment for that learning program, the learner no longer has the option to withdraw. (CR 149167)
  • Courses searched for by course name are now correctly being returned in search results in Admin > Content > Catalog. (CR 149263)
  • When specifying "Complete any 1" after adding ILT courses to a learning program, an error message no longer displays stating that there are no completable items, and the courses are successfully saved. (CR 149479)
  • When users enroll in a learning program consisting of only passive assets, the learning program is no longer incorrectly marked as completed in My Progress before all the assets having been accessed. (CR 149495)
  • In the .ics attachment included with the ILT session enrollment notification email, the Course Description is now displaying the correct information. (CR 149628)
  • If an incorrect format is entered in the Birthdate field in the Batch Add/Update template, an error message is now displayed. (CR 149633)
  • The Roster tab in the ILT Session Manager is now correctly enabled for ILT sessions that have users enrolled. (CRs 149861, 150651, 154039)
  • An error message now displays when editing an existing user account and specifying a name that has more than 255 characters. (CR 149975)
  • Removing the Keyword privilege from a company administrator's account no longer incorrectly removes additional privileges. (CR 150164)
  • The Expected Duration value s now correctly displayed for ILT courses in the Catalog. (CR 150388)
  • ILT sessions created for the month of December 2013 or 2014 no longer have the month of December listed in the ILT Session Manager with a lower-case "d". (CR 150968)
  • The SQL statement skp_asset_launch_GetAssetProgressRecordsWithObjectId is now successfully running in the expected timeframe. (CR 151654)
  • In the SkillPort Administrator, all groups are now displaying as expected in Users & Groups > User Management when editing the group membership for a user. (CRs 151787, 150558)
  • Unnecessary text-wrapping no longer occurs in the Attendance Sheet in the ILT Roster. (CR 152488)
  • Courses displaying as completed in MY PLAN are now displaying as expected in MY PROGRESS. (CR 152969)
  • Assigned ILT courses are no longer displaying twice in users' MY PLAN. (CR 153071)
  • An issue was fixed where the CSV format of the AI_InitiateFullCourseListingReport OLSA SOAP web service call was not including all of the courses installed on the site. (CR 153077)
  • An issue was fixed where the ILT training calendar was not displaying any ILT sessions. (CR 153715)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is now showing the correct completion status regardless of the time frame specified in the report. (CR 138028)
  • The Course Catalog Hierarchy report now correctly shows every hierarchy in which a particular course is included. (CR 144424)
  • An error no longer occurs when generating the Training Effectiveness > Content Evaluations > Detailed by Evaluation report. (CR 148380)
  • The Content Evaluation > Detailed by Evaluation report is now returning results with the questions appropriately numbered. (CR 150150)
  • The Content > ILT Student Roster > Detailed by Course and User report is no longer showing learners twice for sessions they are not enrolled in. (CR 150486)
  • An error no longer occurs when running the User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report. (CR 151093)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to edit the User My Plan Detailed report. (CR 151317)
  • The Content > Learning Program > Detailed by User report is no longer showing duplicate entries for courses. (CR 152896)
  • The User My Plan Detailed report is now returning the correct course completion dates with respect to recurring courses. (CR 152985)
  • The User My Plan Detailed report is now correctly displaying details based on users' actual My Plan Assignment. (CR 152995)
  • An error no longer occurs in SkillPort Administrator when you select a chart in Reports > My Dashboard, then click Show Parameters. (CR 153491)
  • The User My Plan Detailed report is now displaying the accurate course duration times. (CR 153591)

Fixes - BCS

  • When a SecureByPassLogin request is submitted with an invalid key and the restype set to "0", a more explanatory error message is displayed. (CR 148925)
  • When using the Custom Report BCS command with the reportby parameter set to "group", an error message no longer occurs indicating the group cannot be found. (CR 150894)
  • When date parameters are specified when using the Custom Report BCS command, an empty report is no longer generated. (CR 150895)