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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 27 (7.3.3709) - February 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Reports in the ILT > Course and Session Manager are no longer displaying incorrect column headings. (CR 147832)
  • An issue where users with Outlook 2003 could not view their ICS attachments for their ILT sessions has been resolved. (CR 147851)
  • An issue where a path containing 101 groups in the Users & Groups > User Management default tree was not displaying the 101st group has been resolved. (CR 149824)
  • When copying a folder in the Catalog to a custom folder, all assets within the folder are now correctly being copied to the custom folder. (CR 150407)
  • In Search results, when you click on Show Details > View in Catalog for a returned course, the Catalog Information box now displays in the viewable portion of the screen. (CR 150537)
  • ILT session administrators that enroll themselves in a session for which they are the administrator are now receiving the expected notification email that other users receive upon enrollment. (CR 150544)
  • Learners are no longer incorrectly receiving My Plan Reminder notifications for courses assigned to their My Plan that do not have automatic reminders enabled. (CR 150808)
  • Timestamps are now correctly being displayed on learners' completion certificates. (CR 150811)
  • Completed courses are no longer incorrectly displaying in the Items Overdue folder in learners' My Plans Basic view. (CR 151212)
  • When deactivating users in rapid succession in User Management, the right pane no longer incorrectly displays the information for previously deactivated users. (CR 151320)
  • The Course Interest List variable has been removed from the Course Updated ILT notification template. (CR 151448)
  • The Enrollments Template for ILT content no longer indicates incorrect required entries. (CR 151453)
  • Learning programs are no longer incorrectly remaining in an "enrolled" status when learners complete an ILT course within the learning program. (CR 151455)
  • When administrators approve an ILT approval request for a user, the Last Action On Date and Time values are now correct. (CR 151536)
  • The Completed tab in My Progress is now correctly displaying certificates for completed ILT sessions. (CR 151751)
  • An error no longer occurs in the ILT Course and Session Manager when submitting ILT session results entered on the Roster tab. (CR 152376)
  • The erroneous time stamp was removed from the test/preview course completion certificate that is viewed only by administrators. (CR 152611)
  • In the Catalog, the contents of a folder are now displaying correctly after the folder is removed and re-added. (CR 153258)
  • The Go to Enrollment link in custom ILT email notification templates now points to the correct URL. (CR 153719)
  • An issue where PDU courses that were completed were incorrectly shown on certificates as not completed, and in some cases an error occurred when attempting to display a certificate, has been resolved. (CRs 153774, 154602)
  • When using the Italian site language setting, the word "on" is now correctly translated into Italian on the course completion certificate. (CR 153956)
  • An issue where users were not getting any search results when searching for courses on mobile devices using SSO has been resolved. (CRs 154237, 155409)
  • Learners are no longer receiving overdue notifications for courses they have already completed. (CR 154514)
  • An issue where the error message "You are launching a course for which no progress can be recorded" displayed when learners attempted to launch a course has been resolved. (CR 154683)
  • An issue where assigned content was not displaying to users has been resolved. (CR 155080)
  • Search results are now being returned as expected when searching for known courses in the Catalog. (CR 155102)
  • In Search&Learn, when using Chinese to search for desktop videos for Microsoft Office 2013: Excel, results are now correctly returned. (CR 155234)
  • In Users & Groups > ILT Roles > User Role Management, the Search functionality is now correctly returning results when searching by criteria other than user name. (CR 155352)
  • Learners are no longer receiving the error "Specified course has not been completed by user" when they attempt to get the PDU certificate for a course. (CRs 155457, 156047)
  • Two ILT sessions with the same ID are no longer being created when the Save button is double-clicked. (CR 155854)
  • Learning programs are now correctly displaying as Completed in My Progress when learners have completed all courses in the learning program. (CR 155999)
  • When a folder containing an ILT session is assigned to a learner's My Plan, the learner no longer displays twice in the Roster or Waitlist after enrolling in the ILT session. (CR 156390)
  • An issue where a copy of a folder inadvertently moved under Learning Programs in the Catalog could not be removed has been resolved. (CR 156589)
  • The help documentation was updated to clarify the explanation of Session Capacity and Classroom Capacity values for ILT sessions. (CR 156843)
  • Folders containing inactive content are no longer displaying as empty folders in the Catalog. (CR 156904)
  • When editing ILT sessions in the India IST time zone in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the date no longer incorrectly displays as the previous day. (CR 156909)
  • The Due Date view in My Plan is no longer erroneously displaying completed items as being overdue. (CR 156918)
  • When creating new ILT courses, an error message no longer displays that the Course ID must be unique when a unique Course ID has been entered. (CR 157131)
  • The Help link on the Notification Management page in the Skillport Administrator is now launching the correct help topic. (CR 157600)

Fixes - Reporting

  • An error is no longer occurring when the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is generated. (CRs 154904, 156913)
  • Groups listed in the group structure in Users & Groups > User Management are no longer missing from the group structure in the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report. (CR 157221)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is no longer displaying courses as "in progress" for users who completed the courses. (CR 149812)
  • The Learning Program > Detailed by User report is no longer displaying duplicate entries for courses. (CR 152896)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is no longer displaying duplicate entries for courses. (CR 153392)
  • The ILT Student Roster > Detailed by User report is now displaying the correct session type. (CR 153798)
  • Learners who have completed an assigned course and are assigned a new due date based on the recurrence period are now correctly shown as Complete in the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report. (CRs 158116, 158327)
  • An error no longer occurs when previewing the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report. (CR 158047)
  • A message now displays when you attempt to access a report that is still queued that the report is not yet ready. (CR 157388)

Fixes - BCS

  • When a Books asset is fetched with SAMR or MAMR, and the asset is later removed from the Books site, the OLSA AI now reflects that the asset has been modified. (CR 150264)
  • When using Internet Explorer version 11, a Javascript error no longer occurs when logging into SkillPort using the SinglePassUserCmd BCS command. (CR 154898)
  • When downloading updated asset metadata in OLSA, a blank asset ID no longer displays at the beginning of the _ss_entitlement_status.xml file. (CR 156691)
  • An issue where the LastLogin field was null for all learners in the report generated using the OLSA InitiateUserListingByGroupReportRequest command has been resolved. (CR 157708)