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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 28 (7.3.3807) - March 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • When using performing a Batch Add/Import for a group, and specifying the _PARENT_ORGCODE value as "_*_", a group is now correctly added as expected. (CR 133972)
  • Users who are on an ILT waitlist are no longer incorrectly remaining on the waitlist if they are deactivated. (CR 150399)
  • Enrollment notifications are no longer incorrectly being sent to users when an Admin enters historical data in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CR 151593)
  • URLs longer than 150 characters that are added to the URL field in Display > Navigation > Shortcuts in SkillPort Administrator are no longer being truncated. (CR 151909)
  • The word "Catalog" no longer displays as part of the web page title on the SkillPort home page. (CR 152912)
  • An issue where erroneous learning program approval emails were being sent has been resolved. (CR 153585)
  • Invalid course duration values are no longer displaying in the Learner Records Progress Report in My Progress. (CR 154511)
  • An issue where learning programs were displayed on the Completed tab in My Progress with no completion date has been resolved. (CR 154615)
  • Custom course folders are now correctly displaying in the Catalog for learners. (CR 155103)
  • When viewing the sessions for an ILT session, the sessions now display in order by start date. (CR 155667)
  • Completed courses no longer erroneously display on the In Progress tab in users' My Progress. (CRs 152601, 155751, 157885, 158022, 158230, 159813)
  • In Users & Groups > User Management, when you perform multiple searches, the Search functionality is no longer returning the first search's results for subsequent searches. (CRs 155829, 159022)
  • An error message no longer displays when an Admin attempts to delete a user who has no assets assigned to him. (CRs 156100, 157070)
  • When learners receive a "User Reminder for Administrator-assigned Courses" email, the Summary Page URL field now provides a valid URL. (CR 156173)
  • Duplicate ILT courses are no longer displaying in the Instructor Led Training Course folder in the Catalog. (CR 156764)
  • Erroneous My Plan overdue notifications are no longer being sent to users for completed courses. (CRs 156816, 157715)
  • The batch upload process no longer fails for a group update if the specified parent group is invalid or does not exist. (CRs 156979, 158228)
  • The completion dates for Learning Events are now displaying correctly in users' My Plans. (CR 157071)
  • Learning programs containing only Business Impact series no longer incorrectly change to a Completed status upon learner enrollment. (CR 157229)
  • A more descriptive error message now displays when attempting to run the OLSA AI_InitiateFullCourseListingReport web service call against a deactivated user account. (CR 157597)
  • Learners are no longer receiving erroneous email notifications to complete courses that they have already completed. (CR 157715)
  • Multiple issues with creating new users and assigning groups have been resolved. (CR 157901)
  • An issue where an error occurred when uploading ILT batch session templates has been resolved. (CR 157978)
  • When a learner's assigned approval manager is changed, the new approval manager is now receiving approval email notifications as expected. (CR 158033)
  • The Approval Manager is now correctly displaying requests for students enrolled in ILT sessions. (CR 158130)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to move a user from one advanced group to another using the OLSA UM_EditUser web service call. (CR 158310)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to add a new Books24x7 subscription to a SkillPort site that has inGenius enabled. (CR 158332)
  • When downloading asset metadata in OLSA in the AICC format, the objective titles in the .des files are now displaying correctly. (CR 158780)
  • Learners are now able to successfully save comments added to the Community. (CR 158793)
  • Learners with existing Books24x7 accounts are no longer receiving an error when attempting to access Books24x7 from within SkillPort. (CR 159861)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The SkillPort User Login > Summary by Group report results are no longer displaying duplicate logins. (CR 149237)
  • Emails are now being sent when you select Run Now for scheduled reports that have email notifications specified. (CR 152894)
  • The Learning Program > Detailed by User report is now displaying users' pre-test scores as expected. (CR 153934)
  • When using the OLSA admin, an error no longer occurs when the Content > Books24x7 Content Activity > Detailed by Asset report is saved. (CR 153962)
  • An error no longer occurs when the Content Activity > Summary by Content report is generated. (CR 154396)
  • There is no longer a discrepancy between the User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report results and the Reports > My Dashboard results. (CR 155573)
  • Report parameters are now being included in reports when you select Run Now for scheduled reports that have the "Include Report Parameters" option selected. (CR 156171)
  • The Content > Books24x7 Content Activity > Detailed by Asset report is now correctly displaying the expected results. (CRs 156983, 157510)
  • Certain fields are no longer missing in the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report results. (CRs 157146, 160046)
  • When editing personal templates in Reports > Templates > Personal, the system default evaluation is no longer incorrectly being selected instead of the custom evaluation. (CR 157900)
  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now displaying the correct assignment status values for users' recurring My Plan assignments. (CR 160048)

Fixes - BCS

  • An issue where the "onfailure" parameter was not functioning as expected has been resolved. (CR 159855)