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SkillPort 7.3 Patch 29 (7.3.3907) - April 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • When entering results for a user in an ILT session, the results are now being saved as expected when you click Submit All. (CR 160507)
  • An issue where historical completion data was not importing correctly into SkillPort has been resolved. (CR 160907)
  • When accessing the Certificate of Completion from a user account, the completion date no longer displays in an incorrect format. (CR 152561)
  • An issue where the ILT Admin was unable to revoke the ILT Instructor role from a user whose only sessions have a status of Cancelled or Completed has been resolved. (CR 158081)
  • Inherited learning programs are now allowing learner enrollment as expected. (CR 151086)
  • System performance issues regarding searching for an approval manager for learners enrolled in an ILT session have been resolved. (CR 154490)
  • Email notifications are now correctly being sent to learners when they are enrolled in a learning program. (CR 155453)
  • Learners are no longer being sent overdue email notifications for learning programs they have already completed. (CR 158010)
  • When specifying a custom date range in the ILT Session Schedule, the end date can now correctly be set to a future date. (CR 158196)
  • An issue where an error was occurring when using Search&Learn has been resolved. (CR 158241)
  • My Plan assignments are no longer erroneously displaying for learners who do not have the courses assigned to them. (CR 158394)
  • The Learner Report generated from the Course Manager tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager is no longer displaying course names split across two columns. (CR 159251)
  • On the Session Manager tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager, all previously selected check boxes are now cleared when Reset All Filters is clicked. (CR 159372)
  • An issue where a blank page was displaying when learning programs were launched in a third-party LMS has been resolved. (CR 159738)
  • The Search functionality is now working correctly in the ILT Course and Session Manager when editing a session to select an instructor to associate to it. (CR 160153)
  • An intermittent issue where Search&Learn was returning only books and videos, but no courses, has been resolved. (CR 160513)
  • ILT sessions that have been completed by learners are no longer incorrectly showing a status of In Progress. (CR 161453)
  • An issue where certain users in advanced groups were unable to access Books24x7 has been resolved. (CR 161454)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The Download button is no longer enabled prior to report results being completed and an error message now displays when you click an uncompleted report result. (CR 148726)
  • The Course Catalog Hierarchy report no longer incorrectly contains duplicate entries. (CR 150814)
  • An error no longer occurs when the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is generated. (CR 156913)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is now generating the expected results regarding course scores. (CR 159357)
  • Issues with the Reports tab on the Reports > Templates page taking a long time to load or displaying incorrectly have been resolved. (CR 160373)