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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 (7.3.10010) - May 2014

Changes and Modifications

  • A new web site switch Enable My Progress View Duration Field was added that enables two additional columns Expected Duration and Actual Duration to display in My Progress. This web site switch is disabled by default.
  • The Available for Training date and time now displays in MY PLAN for recurring compliance courses.
  • The User Privilege reports were modified so that users with no privileges (typically end-users) are returned in the report results only when none of the privileges are selected. (CR 161249)

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Deactivated users are no longer erroneously receiving My Plan emails after being removed from the group that included the My Plan assignment. (CR 161012)
  • Users in Advanced Groups that have the “Overdue Notice to User” email disabled are no longer erroneously being sent overdue notices for their overdue My Plan assignments. (CR 161834)
  • The correct status is now displaying in users' MY PLAN for recurring assignments that have previous completions. (CR 162318)
  • An issue where recurring MY PLAN assignments were incorrectly displaying a status of Completed has been resolved. (CR 162321)
  • A grammatical error that displayed on the Certificate of Completion when the site language was set to Spanish has been fixed. (CR 99821)
  • An issue where the course title was displaying in the Lesson Objectives and an extra bullet was displaying before the first Course Objective on the Course Description page has been resolved. (CR 156435)
  • An issue was resolved where some courses in certain Learning Programs could not be waived. (CR 158393)
  • When clicking on Admin > Reports > My Dashboard, the graphical report in the right-hand pane is now loading correctly with no errors. (CR 158568)
  • An issue was resolved where users who were enrolled in Learning Programs at the group level were incorrectly able to withdraw. (CR 159269)
  • An issue where the Managed Import failed validation without the cause being clearly communicated in the error message has been resolved. (CR 159362)
  • Course completions are now correctly being displayed as expected on the My Progress page. (CR 159376)
  • An error no longer occurs when users attempt to open the certificate for a completed course. (CR 159939)
  • An issue where progress for some courses was not being correctly updated has been resolved. (CR 160073)
  • Deactivated courses that are included in a learning program are no longer incorrectly able to be launched. (CR 160292)
  • ILT sessions are now being grouped correctly on the Session Manager tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CR 160522)
  • An issue where recurring MY PLAN assignments showed the Initial Due Date as "Overdue" and the Recurrence Date as "Not Started" has been resolved. (CR 160912)
  • ILT sessions are now displaying as expected when you click on the Session Schedule icon in MY PLAN. (CR 161031)
  • Users are no longer receiving an error message "Review Mode: This course will be available for training within the next 30 minutes" when attempting to launch a recurring asset from MY PLAN. (CR 161456)
  • When editing user accounts in Users and Groups > User Management, the account information for the previous user no longer displays for the current user. (CR 161636)
  • An issue where the list of resources would not load when attempting to grant waivers for courses in a Learning Program that included a deactivated user has been resolved. (CR 161734)
  • Users who are enrolled in a Learning Program through group enrollment are no longer able to withdraw from the mandatory training. (CR 161828)
  • Using UM_EditUser to change a user's language preference is now working correctly. (CR 162381)
  • An issue where several courses could not be uninstalled and needed a script in order to be removed has been resolved. (CR 162755)
  • The user profile language can now correctly be set to Portuguese using the web services. (CR 163388)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The Learning Activity > Summary by Group report has been updated to include two new columns: Completions, which displays the total number of content completions for all users in a specified date range, and Total Users, which displays the number of users in the associated group. (CR 159174)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User and the Content Activity > Course Activity by Content report results are now correctly returning the expected assets. (CR 128915)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report results are now correctly returning pre-test scores. (CR 156320)
  • The correct set of individual users contained in an assignment group is now displaying when admins attempt to select users when running a report. (CR 159618)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User and the Books 24x7 Content Activity > Detailed by Asset report results are now correctly returning the expected Books24x7 assets. (CR 160173)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is no longer showing courses in locations in the Catalog where they are not actually located. (CR 162927)
  • Courses that have been removed from Learning Programs are no longer incorrectly displaying in the Learning Program > Detailed by User report results. (CR 161696)
  • Duplicate lines are no longer displaying in the Learning Program > Summary by User report results. (CR 162437)