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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 1 (7.3.10109) - May 2014

Changes and Modifications

A new SKP parameter, prioritize_ria_over_scp, was added that allows you to specify the preferred course player. The settings are:

  • 0: Always use the Skillsoft Course Player (SCP) instead of the Java-free Skillsoft Mobile Player (RIA).
  • 1: Attempt to use the Java-free Skillsoft Mobile Player (RIA) when both it and the SCP are suitable.

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, the ILT Group listing page no longer becomes blank when you sort either by ascending or descending group names. (CR 162749)
  • When sending an email to a group of users from Users and Groups > Send Email, the email is now correctly being received by all users in the group. (CR 163433)
  • When managing enrollments in the ILT Course and Session Manager, after searching for a group, the selected group now displays when you click on it. (CR 144356)
  • Completed Learning Programs are no longer incorrectly displaying with a status of Withdrawn with an Enroll link in MY PLAN. (CR 151658)
  • The Diagnostics menu item on the Support menu in the Admin is now only available for super administrators. (CR 155101)
  • Content recommended through Skillport is now correctly displaying in the activity stream. (CR 156373)
  • Users are now able to log in successfully when their password contains a quotation mark character. (CR 157621)
  • An issue where a site-wide DB Summarize was not completing successfully has been resolved. (CR 157703)
  • When attempting to add certain courses to MY PLAN, an error no longer occurs. (CR 158848)
  • In Configuration > Notification Management, the Enrollment Status Change Notification template can now be changed successfully. (CR 159276)
  • In the ILT Course and Session Manager, the checkboxes are now displaying in Internet Explorer when attempting to specify filter criteria. (CR 159542)
  • Duplicate emails are no longer being received when notifications are sent regarding course session capacity. (CR 159623)
  • In the Admin, the course summary now displays in the Catalog for deactivated courses. (CR 160063)
  • Folders in the Catalog containing a large number of ILT courses can now be successfully expanded. (CR 160074)
  • Email notifications are now correctly being sent to users who are added to a group after a Learning Program is assigned to that group. (CR 160253)
  • An issue where searching for certain German content in the Admin was not returning any results has been resolved. (CR 160821)
  • Learning Programs that are displaying as Completed in MY PROGRESS and in the Learning Program > Detailed by User report are no longer incorrectly displaying as Not Started in the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report. (CR 160823)
  • Completed courses are no longer incorrectly displaying with a status of In Progress in MY PROGRESS. (CR 161201)
  • Notification emails for ILT sessions that have more than one scheduled meeting are now showing the correct late withdrawal date. (CR 161212)
  • The Password field no longer has the autocomplete feature enabled. (CR 161536)
  • Users are no longer receiving multiple overdue notifications for ILT courses they have already completed. (CR 161906)
  • In MY PLAN, ELOs are now correctly displaying a status of "n/a". (CR 161927)
  • The URLs for video images on Books24x7 sites now correctly display as https instead of http. (CR 162162)
  • An issue where certain Share links for courses were not working correctly has been resolved. (CR 162252)
  • ILT notification emails to alert users of available seats are no longer being sent out when the session doesn't meet the specified criteria. (CR 162260)
  • When performing a search in User Management, the search no longer continues to "load" indefinitely with no results being shown. (CR 162572)
  • When performing a group batch update, assignment groups and advanced groups can no longer be moved under normal groups. (CR 162748)
  • Changes made to the Global Completion Criteria are now correctly saved when you click the OK button. (CR 162849)
  • Users who have an apostrophe in their email address are no longer getting an error message when attempting to self-register. (CR 163089)
  • A blank white screen no longer displays when you click the Next Page or Last Page button in the search results in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CR 163253)
  • The Imported tab is now displaying as expected in MY PROGRESS for users having historical data. (CR 163303)
  • When searching for content, the Language drop-down menu is now correctly listing the correct language selections for learners' assigned content. (CR 163509)
  • An error message no longer occurs when opening a Learner Report in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CR 163592)
  • The Batch Upload Report is now completing as expected after uploading the waiver CSV template. (CR 163738)
  • In the Batch Upload Report, the error message generated by invalid org codes has been updated to include the invalid org code.(CR 163914)
  • An issue where the managed data import was failing has been resolved. (CR 164044)
  • The Enrollment Status Change Notification email sent to learners is no longer displaying a blank status. (CR 164611)
  • An issue was resolved where learners enrolled in a Learning Program through a group enrollment were incorrectly showing a status of Withdrawn in MY PLAN and had the option to enroll enabled. (CR 164943)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by Group report is now returning the expected results. (CR 149245)
  • Latency issues that were occurring in Internet Explorer when expanding a group folder to find a group to include in a report have been resolved. (CR 157054)
  • The Content > ILT Student Roster > Detailed by User report no longer includes data for assets that were not selected. (CR 160267)