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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 2 (7.3.10212) - June 2014

Changes and Modifications

A new SKP parameter, enable_java_free_content, has been added to control the display of Java-free content in SkillPort. The settings are as follows:

  • 0 (Disabled): Both Java-free and Java-dependent content is visible to learners.
  • 1 (Enabled): Java-dependent content, that has not been previously assigned, is hidden from learners, and Java-dependent content is displayed in the SkillPort Administrator with a Java icon.
  • 2 (Highlight only): Java-dependent content is displayed in the SkillPort Administrator with a Java icon, but Java-dependent content is not hidden from learners.

For more information, see SkillPort 7.3 New Features for SkillPort Administrators for 7.3 SR1 Patch 2 and Java-Free and Java-Dependent Content.

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • The ILT Session Schedule now correctly displays only those sessions for which the learner is enrolled. (CR 165671)
  • Practice Lab assets are now listed on the Completion Criteria page in the SkillPort Administrator. (CR 120482)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to upgrade a course. (CR 160164)
  • A security fix was implemented to reduce the impact of potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on multiple pages in SkillPort. (CR 162465)
  • An issue where administrators could not drag and drop courses into certain subfolders in the Catalog has been resolved. (CR 162717)
  • Deleted users are no longer displaying in Users & Groups > ILT Roles on the ILT User Role Management page. (CR 162933)
  • When searching for assets on the Completion Criteria page, all search results pages are now loading as expected with no errors. (CR 163177)
  • When specifying a My Plan assignment for a group, the Preview Email Template window no longer remains open until the notifications have been sent to all users in the group. (CR 163258)
  • Approval managers are now receiving Development Plan Approval Request email notifications as expected. (CR 163389)
  • In the ILT Session Schedule, the Withdraw link no longer displays after withdrawing from a session. (CR 163589)
  • When specifying a My Plan assignment for a learning program, the email notifications are now being sent to the learners. (CR 163627)
  • An issue where there was increased spacing between course folders in the Catalog when using Google Chrome has been resolved. (CR 163659)
  • When clicking an Asset Title hyperlink in the Approval Manager for an ILT course, the correct course page now displays. (CR 163769)
  • When the default site language is set to French, learners are now able to view the comments for a video in inGenius. (CR 163790)
  • Custom courses are now displaying as expected in the Catalog. (CR 164243)
  • Learners can now see custom folders in the Catalog that have been assigned to them. (CR 165455)
  • System performance issues related to showing details for Learning Programs in the Catalog have been resolved. (CR 165464)
  • System performance issues related to the ILT Course and Session Manager have been resolved. (CR 165614)
  • When learners are added to an assignment group via batch update, they are now receiving the expected email notifications when there is an existing group MY PLAN assignment. (CR 165615)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now displaying the correct data for course completions. (CR 165140)
  • The User My Plan > Group My Plan Assignments report results no longer include assets that have been deleted/uninstalled from SkillPort. (CR 165609)
  • The Last Score values are no longer blank in the Learning Activity by User report results. (CR 153330)
  • An issue in several reports (such as the Content Activity > Course Activity by Content report) where the High Score field was displaying values greater than 100% has been resolved. (CR 154041, 154043, 164073)
  • When editing the User Listing > Summary by Approval Manager report, the Manager filter option no longer contains duplicate entries. (CR 156101)
  • An error no longer occurs when the User Listing > Summary by Group report is generating. (CR 163513)
  • An issue in several reports where the Actual Duration times for ILT courses was displaying as blank has been resolved. (CR 163843)