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View Imported Progress Data

If your organization has imported progress data for assets that you have completed in other learning management systems, and if you want to view that data, you can access that data using MY PROGRESS.

To view your imported progress data

  1. Click MY PROGRESS on the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Click the Imported tab. The imported data displays.

  3. (Optional) In Date Range, specify the imported data to display:
    • All
    • Last 30 Days
    • Last 90 Days
    • Last 12 Months
    • Custom: Specify a start date and end date using the provided date picker controls.
  4. (Optional) To print the learning progress report for the imported data:
    1. In MY PROGRESS, click Print Report.
    2. In the Print Report dialog box, select Imported.
    3. Click OK.

      The Learner Records Progress Report opens in a new browser window with the Imported progress data displayed.