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Java-Free and Java-Dependent Content

If your site supports Java-free content, SkillPort Administrator uses icons to differentiate Java-dependent content from Java-free content (for example, and Icon for course asset). Admins can use this functionality to make decisions about whether or not to assign Java-dependent content to learners. This configuration can be applied at the Site, Advanced Group, or Sub-Domain level.

Content Icons

Java-dependent content icons are visible on the following Skillport Administrator pages:

  • Users & Groups
    • User Management (Catalog Assignment, My Plan Assignment, Enrollments and Waivers)
    • Enrollment & Waivers
  • Content
    • Catalog
    • Learning Programs
    • Credentials
    • Keywords > Link Keyword
  • License Manager
  • Configuration > Completion Criteria

Availability to Learners

Depending on Java-free configuration settings, Java-dependent content is available to learners as follows:

  • All Java-dependent content is hidden when learners browse the catalog and search for content. Exception: Java-dependent content has already been assigned to the learner.

    Note: To allow learners to complete previously-assigned or accessed content, pre-existing assignments, assets with MY PROGRESS entries, learning program assignments, and bookmarks are not affected by the Java-Free configuration settings.

  • Job Aids and SkillBriefs associated with Java-dependent content are still available in the Catalog and via Search&Learn, even when the content itself is not available.
  • Java-dependent content is visible to Admins, and may still be assigned and included in a Learning Program.
  • If Java content is hidden, learners can still view previously-accessed Java-dependent content in their MY PLAN and MY PROGRESS.
  • If Java-dependent content is republished and SkillPort determines that the content is no longer Java-dependent, the content automatically displays to learners.

For more information, see Skillport Content Java-Free Status in the Skillsoft Support Knowledge Base.