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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 3 (7.3.10307) - July 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • Email notifications are no longer being sent to learners notifying them that courses they have already completed are due. (CRs 158503, 166763)
  • When learners are moved to a different group within the same parent group, the assignment due dates are now being tracked correctly. (CR 164445)
  • Learners are no longer showing ILT courses as completed in their MY PROGRESS when the courses have not yet been completed. (CR 166244)
  • ILT courses are no longer incorrectly showing as completed in MY PLAN for learners who have not yet completed the courses. (CR 166245)
  • The error "Error: That language selection is not available for this user" no longer occurs when attempting to create a user with the OLSA web service UM_CreateUser with the language code of en_US. (CR 166417)
  • An issue where the learner's score in MY PROGRESS for an ILT session did not match the score in the ILT completed session roster has been resolved. (CR 166621)
  • There is no longer a discrepancy between course scores that display in MY PROGRESS and in the Skillsoft Course Player. (CR 78740)
  • An issue was resolved where several users in a group had different due dates for an assignment specified as being due 45 days after assignment. (CR 162866)
  • Notification email sent to a group of users now only displays the receiver's email ID in the "To" field instead of listing all the recipients. (CRs 163495, 164947)
  • An issue where the managed progress import batch file failed to import into SkillPort has been resolved. (CR 164056)
  • In Credentials > Show Progress, certificates for completed courses can now be opened successfully with no error message stating that the specified course has not been completed. (CR 164311)
  • Approval managers are now receiving development plan approval requests from learners as expected. (CR 164832)
  • When the Go To Enrollment URL variable is added in the Session Created template for ILT courses, the enrollment link now correctly displays in the notification emails. (CR 164833)
  • When editing the name of a learning program, the name no longer reverts back to the previous name after the changes are saved. (CR 164944)
  • When clicking on the title of a Learning Program, the Session Schedule and Add to My Watch List icons are now displaying as expected. (CR 165029)
  • In Admin > Content > Learning Programs, the sort functionality in the Create Date and Modify Date columns is now correctly sorting chronologically. (CR 165070)
  • An issue where search results were not returning a course that was assigned to a learner has been resolved. (CR 165335)
  • When launching a course through OLSA, the course Summary page now correctly displays the language specified for the advanced group. (CR 165352)
  • An error message now displays in Admin > Configuration > Features > inGenius if you attempt to set Enable inGenius to "No" and Enable inGenius for Skillsoft Advantage to "Yes". (CR 165354)
  • An issue where a blank page and error message displayed when attempting to edit a student evaluation has been resolved. (CR 165378)
  • The label for the User Profile fields in ILT course watch lists now correctly displays the configured label instead of the field ID. (CR 165545)
  • The certification summary icon now displays correctly next to the certification folders in the Catalog. (CR 165704)
  • An issue where duplicate entries for asset progress was being saved in the database has been resolved. (CR 166050)

Fixes - Reporting

  • The User > Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report is no longer incorrectly displaying ILT courses that have not occurred. (CR 138003)
  • An issue where a custom User My Plan Detailed report was displaying duplicate results for certain users has been resolved. (CR 163320)
  • The Content > Content Activity report now generates successfully without generating the "Error Rendering Reports Data" error. (CR 163792)
  • The Learning Program > Summary by User report is no longer displaying two different First Accessed and Last Accessed dates for learning programs. (CR 164669)