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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 6 (7.3.10607) - September 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • The SURE reporting documentation for the Executive Overview reports was updated to provide a more detailed description for "Number of Courses Not Available in Catalog". (CR 117874)
  • An issue where an Administrator was unable to grant a waiver to a course within a Learning Program has been resolved. (CR 167857)
  • An error message no longer occurs in Admin > Users & Groups > User Management when editing user accounts after clicking the Org Code in the Search results. (CR 167947)
  • When submitting changes to ILT courses in the ILT Course and Session Manager, the screen no longer displays a "Loading" message and becomes unresponsive. (CR 167999)
  • Corrections made to ILT schedules are now being correctly reflected in the schedules attached to the learners' email notifications. (CR 168098)
  • In Notification Management in the SkillPort Administrator, the Send Preview button on the Preview Email Template is no longer grayed out. (CR 168176)
  • The correct language graphic is now displaying in the Certificate of Completion when an Administrator previews the certificate after changing the language. (CR 168223)
  • The ILT "Enrollment Request Approved by Administrator/Approver" and "Enrollment Request Denied by Administrator/Approver" emails are now being delivered to the learner when the request is approved/denied by an approval manager. (CR 168349)
  • When editng notification templates, variables in the Subject and Body fields now correctly have a space between them. (CR 168491)
  • The error message "Application has encountered an error" no longer occurs when editing a user account in User Management. (CR 168672)
  • An issue where a completed course was still displaying on the In Progress tab in the learner's My Progress has been resolved. (CR 168861)
  • Changing the field type when editing ILT extended attributes no longer incorrectly removes all list items. (CR 169044)
  • An issue where the group name of assignment groups could not be changed when using the bulk uploader has been resolved. (CR 169048)
  • When expanding the Catalog after a site upgrade, there is no longer a latency issue causing courses to take a long time to display. (CR 169119)
  • The duration description is now displaying correctly in a Live Event video summary accessed from search results. (CR 169124)
  • An issue where a batch update could not be performed for user accounts to remove email addresses has been resolved. (CR 169142)
  • Corrections made to an asset title are now correctly displaying on the asset details page. (CR 169448)
  • An issue was resolved where administrators were incorrectly able to make changes to learning program enrollments for groups outside of their scope. (CR 169817)
  • An issue where the Learner's My Plan Assignment Updated by Administrator email template was sent to multiple users erroneously has been fixed. (CR 169906)
  • An issue where a learning plan group assignment was erroneously unassigned has been resolved. (CR 169949)
  • Learners who re-enroll in a live learning course and then attempt to access it are no longer incorrectly showing that they have been withdrawn from the course. (CR 170167)
  • Updating a learning plan assignment recurrence no longer results in an incorrect due date. (CR 170282)
  • Disabling the OLSA RO applet no longer causes an issue with SkillPort connecting to a third-party LMS. (CR 170335)
  • Completed learning programs are no longer showing as still in progress. (CR 170619)

Fixes - Reporting

  • There is no longer a discrepancy between the Actual Duration value displayed in the Learning Program > Detailed by User report and the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User reports. (CR 168068)
  • An issue where reports were remaining in a queued status and not completing when being run has been resolved. (CR 169206)