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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 8 (7.3.10809) - November 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • When attempting to download asset metadata from OLSA using the AI_InitiateAssetMetaData request for 'delta' AICC content, SLA 2.0 content is now correctly returned. (CR 169752)
  • Users are no longer receiving overdue notifications for courses that are no longer included in their MY PLAN. (CR 169889)
  • Custom credential certificates were enhanced to allow a CSS stylesheet, which controls the display aspects of each certificate element and allows certificate custimization per the user's perferred language selection, to be referenced in the credential configuration. (CR 170161)
  • An issue where a course was showing a status of both In Progress and Not Started has been resolved. (CR 170504)
  • Courses now display in the same order in both the Course Catalog folder and the assignment folder in MY PLAN. (CR 170506)
  • When sorting current user enrollments, the ascending and descending sort options in the My Plan column of the Current Enrollments panel are now sorting correctly. (CR 170689)
  • License management catalog collections are now correctly being updated with newly added content. (CR 170761)
  • An issue where an Administrator could not expand the default user group via User Management has been resolved. (CR 170765)
  • An intermittent issue where clicking the link in an evaluation to display linked courses was displaying as blank has been resolved. (CR 170771)
  • Multiple time-out related issues for AJAX calls in the SkillPort Administrator have been fixed. (CR 170772)
  • In the OLSA Administrator, the error "Unable to retrieve configuration settings" no longer occurs when attempting to perform a single/multiple asset metadata request that includes an inactive course code. (CR 170791)
  • Administrators can now successfully enroll users into a Learning Program without an issues using User Management. (CR 171150)
  • Users who self-register are now receiving self-registration confirmation emails as expected. (CR 171237)
  • An issue where new user accounts were not being saved in the database after an administrator created them has been resolved. (CR 171577)
  • The site-wide DB Summarize is now running successfully as expected. (CR 171771)
  • An issue was resolved where administrators were incorrectly able to make changes to learning program enrollments for groups outside of their scope. (CRs 172086, 172439)
  • When the "player settings/player settings-ro mode" setting RIA_LMS_RESULTS_RELAY is enabled, LMS_RESULTS_RELAY now displays in the result of the dynamic skin request as expected. (CR 172542)
  • When the SKP parameter "olsa_signed_ro_applet" is set to 0, requests sent by OLSA are no longer rejected by the LMS's web server for being too large. (CR 172747)
  • You can now perform a batch update of user accounts in which you have removed the email address. (CR 173661)

Fixes - Reporting

  • When selecting a future date to run a scheduled report, the date no longer incorrectly reverts back to today's date when you select the Email tab and then select the Properties tab. (CR 168219)
  • An issue where a monthly scheduled report did not run has been resolved. (CR 169230)
  • Completed courses are now displaying as expected in the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report. (CR 172155)
  • Completed courses are no longer showing as Overdue in the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report. (CR 172156)
  • The Learning Program Detailed by User report is no longer incorrectly displaying learning program enrollment dates that are prior to the dates users were registered on SkillPort. (CR 172541)
  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now correctly displaying completion status for recurring courses. (CR 172543)