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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 9 (7.3.10907) - December 2014

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • An issue where a learner was not receiving a score/completion status after taking a specific course has been resolved. (CR 171316)
  • The correct new user email notifications are now being sent to learners based on the group/language selection. (CR 171319)
  • Learners are now receiving daily email reminders for assigned courses as expected. (CR 171413)
  • Learners in Advanced Groups are no longer receiving email notifications that include an incorrect return address. (CR 171518)
  • When a user is deactivated, they are now withdrawn from any ILT sessions in which they are enrolled and the first user in the Waitlist is enrolled in the session. (CR 171554)
  • Users are no longer displaying twice on the Roster tab for ILT sessions. (CR 172061)
  • Users who are removed from a group no longer remain enrolled in a learning program in which that group is enrolled. (CR 172828)
  • An issue where administrators were receiving My Plan Overdue Notices for users who were deactivated has been resolved. (CRs 172840, 174280)
  • An error no longer occurs when an administrator attempts to upload an ILT course via a Batch Add. (CR 173171)
  • Passwords are no longer being included in the New User Registration email when the Allow user defined password option is enabled for self-registration. (CR 173812)
  • When courses in a Learning Program are waived, the course status no longer incorrectly shows a status of Not Waived. (CR 173890)
  • A course title that was incorrectly displaying special characters when viewing course details has been fixed. (CR 174178)
  • An issue where a user was not enrolled in a Learning Program in which he had an inherited enrollment, and then was unable to manually enroll, has been resolved. (CR 174547)

Fixes - Reporting

  • When running a report where users or groups can be specified, Administrators are no longer able to view users in those Advanced Groups for which they do not have access privileges. (CRs 166370, 168174, 172184, 173505)
  • The Learning Program > Detailed report is now completing successful when the report is run. (CR 170762)
  • When editing the User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report, the Asset filter now displays the course catalog contents the same as they are displayed in Content > Catalog. (CR 170920)
  • The Executive Overview - Users and Content Statistics report and the Executive Overview - Content Usage Statistics report are now reporting the same number of completions. (CR 171587)
  • User profile fields are now displaying correct data in the User Listing > Detailed by User report. (CR 171743)
  • An issue where users were not appearing in the search results when editing the User Listing > Detailed by User report has been resolved. (CRs 171901, 172251)
  • The Group Path data is now correctly displaying for users in the User Listing > Detailed by User report. (CR 172363)
  • The Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report no longer incorrectly shows that a course is In Progress it has been completed. (CR 173358)
  • The Learning Program > Summary by User report is now correctly displaying users who are present in multiple groups. (CR 173500)
  • The User My Plan > User My Plan Detailed report is now correctly displaying the status of waived courses within a learning program as Complete. (CR 173516)