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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 10 (7.3.11015) - January 2015

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • A fix was made to improve the relevance of title word matches when using the search within a search function. (CR 165331)
  • Administrators can now successfully enroll users in a Learning Program using the User Management tab. (CR 171150)
  • When attempting to access a Job Aid directly from SkillPort, clicking on the hyperlink no longer produces an invalid URL error. (CR 172457)
  • Inherited courses are now displaying in a user's MY PLAN without an unexpected delay. (CR 173280)
  • Users are now able to launch all necessary courses in Learning Programs that include waived assets. (CR 173696)
  • When an ILT course is removed from a user's MY PLAN assignment, the course completions are no longer erroneously being removed from the MY PROGRESS Completed tab. (CR 174056)
  • An issue where a video could not be added to a Learning Program has been resolved. (CR 174092)
  • To resolve a security vulnerability, validation checks performed during group creation in the Administrator are now performed on the client side. (CR 174519)
  • Instructors are no longer receiving email notifications for cancelled sessions when the Session Cancelled email template has been deactivated. (CR 174570)
  • Completed Learning Programs are no longer incorrectly displaying as Incomplete. (CRs 174743 and 175828)
  • An issue where users met the current completion criteria but the course was not marked as completed has been resolved. (CR 174771)
  • Running a detailed search (SL_DetailedSearch) and then a paginated search (SL PaginateSearch) on an OLSA site no longer returns empty results. (CRs 174984 and 176481)
  • Group assignments are now displaying on users' MY PLAN Assignment tab as expected. (CR 175262)
  • The Learning Program title now displays as expected in the Learning Program Status Change email notification. (CR 175545)
  • An issue where the date was missing on a Learning Program completion certificate has been resolved. (CR 175671)
  • The error "Error: User ID and password do not match" no longer occurs when attempting to access SkillPort on a mobile device. (CR 175740)
  • An issue was resolved where courses that were abnormally exited from were not subsequently reflecting the correct progress in Skillport and SURE reports. (CR 175829)
  • Users can now successfully log in to the SkillPort mobile site when using Chrome on a device with the Android 5.0 operating system. (CR 175912)
  • An issue where the import failed when performing a user batch upload has been resolved. (CR 176247)
  • Users that were withdrawn from ILT sessions are no longer erroneously reappearing in the rosters. (CR 176248)
  • A typographical error was fixed in the MY PLAN email notification sent to users. (CR 176358)
  • After enrolling in a scoped Learning Program, users are no longer receiving a status of "Never Enrolled" when they access the Learning Program. (CR 176667)
  • An issue where users could not re-enroll or launch courses in a scoped Learning Program after the end date has been resolved. (CR 176753)

Fixes - Reporting

  • There is no longer a discrepancy in the number of completions reported in the Executive Overview > Users and Content Statistics report and the Executive Overview > Content Usage Statistics report. (CR 171587)
  • An issue where the System > Catalog > Books24x7 Book and Video Catalog report was returning inaccurate results has been resolved. (CR 173278)
  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to run the Learning Activity by Summary report using the "SubmitReport" BCS command. (CR 173327)
  • Scheduled reports are no longer being sent to the user an incorrect number of times. (CR 173591)
  • The Learning Program > Summary by User report is now displaying the correct status for a completed Learning Program. (CR 174769)
  • When running the Learning Activity > Asset Activity by User report, it no longer fails with the error message "Error Rendering Result". (CR 176008)
  • The Learning Program > Details by User report no longer displays a user's enrollment date that is prior to his SkillPort registration date. (CR 176373)