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User Related ILT Records

The User Related ILT Records page provides information about what ILT role a particular user has been assigned for specific ILT courses/sessions. From this page, you can also print the results or save the results in .csv format.

Note: This page does not display ILT course/session roster or waitlist information for users.

To view user related ILT records

  1. Click Users & Groups > ILT Roles > User Related ILT Records on the navigation bar.

    The User Related ILT Records page displays.

  2. Enter the desired user in User Name, then click Search.

    The ILT courses for which the user has been assigned an ILT role display. If no ILT roles exist for the specified user, the message "No Results Found" displays.

  3. To print the results, click Print.
  4. To save the results as a .csv file, click Export Report.