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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 11 (7.3.11107) - February 2015

Changes and Modifications

  • SkillPort now treats custom content as Java-free for Admin display and hide purposes. This change allows Java-free SkillPort content to be enabled on sites which also have custom content. (CR 172358)

    Prior to Patch 11, SkillPort treated custom courses as Java-dependent, even though the majority were Java-free. When the Java-free and Java-dependent content control was enabled in SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 2 (using skp parameter enable_java_free_content), SkillPort sites with custom content installed were advised to disable the parameter because the Java status of custom content was unknown. Now, when this parameter is enabled on sites with custom content, all custom content will be displayed and treated as being Java-free.

    For more information, see Java-Free and Java-Dependent Content.

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • The font style on the BCS course launch summary page was standardized to use a sans serif font for all text on the page. (CR 172085)
  • An issue where passive content was not launching when a custom player skin was selected has been resolved. (CR 173521)
  • Admin assignments are now properly being inherited by learners. (CR 174087)
  • Learners are no longer receiving messages that the course evaluation is required when the evaluation is actually optional. (CR 174778)
  • Completed courses are no longer incorrectly showing a status of In Progress in learners' MY PROGRESS. (CRs 175267, 177463)
  • Metadata generated from the OLSA Admin or through an OLSA web service now correctly contains only Live Learning courses, and not Live Learning sessions and related materials. (CR 175692)
  • When performing a GetUserDetails web service call for an existing user, the results are no longer returned for the wrong user. (CR 175926)
  • The online help was updated to clarify the behavior of the Not Started tab in MY PROGRESS. (CR 176007)
  • An issue where user progress was not correct after a user restarted a course has been resolved. (CR 176174)
  • The error message "The application has encountered an error. Contact your training manager" no longer occurs when attempting to send a MY PLAN email notification. (CR 176443)
  • On mobile sites, when there are more than 20 assets in a MY PLAN folder, the More button now displays to show the rest of the assets. (CR 176578)
  • When searching for mobile only content, the search results no longer incorrectly include content that is not mobile. (CR 176692)
  • Users are no longer displaying twice on the Roster tab in the ILT Course and Session Manager. (CRs 176894, 177109)
  • An issue where a Skillport user who also had an ILT Instructor account could not access the Sessions I am Teaching page has been fixed. (CR 176957)
  • The error message "The application has encountered an error. Contact your training manager" no longer occurs when attempting to print a credential completion certificate. (CR 177246)
  • Production issues regarding SAML SSO have been resolved. (CR 177247)
  • Users are no longer able to access admin functionalities they do not have privileges for. (CR 177259)
  • When a user is removed from a group, assignments inherited from that group are now being deleted from the user's MY PLAN assignments. (CR 177373)
  • In the Japanese version of Firefox, the New User Registration validation message is now displaying the correct Japanese language characters. (CR 177475)
  • An issue where a user was withdrawn from a learning program and was unable to re-enroll has been fixed. (CR 177559)
  • An issue with recurring assignments where the new due date was getting projected forward by one year (to 2016) when the correct due date should be in 2015 has been fixed. (CR 177997)

Fixes - Reporting

  • An error no longer occurs when running the Content Activity > Summary by Content report with a filter selected. (CR 176828)
  • The Content Activity > Summary by Content report results are no longer displaying data outside of the specified date range. (CR 177253)