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SkillPort 7.3 SR1 Patch 13 (7.3.11308) - May 2015

Fixes - General SkillPort

  • The Java API now uses a standard date and time format (MMM dd YYYY). (CR 116000)
  • Learners are no longer receiving overdue reminders for courses they have already completed. (CR 178808)
  • Learners are no longer receiving incorrectly-scheduled overdue reminders for administrator-assigned courses. (CR 179022)
  • An issue where courses and topics in a learning program could not be launched has been resolved. (CR 179110)
  • Custom courses are no longer incorrectly displaying in MY PROGRESS as completed but without a score. (CR 179127)
  • The due date in MY PLAN is now being updated correctly when learners complete a recurring course. (CRs 179325, 179754)
  • When using the OLSA Web Services API, an error no longer occurs when using the UD_GetAssetResults request for a learner. (CR 179505)
  • Inherited Learning Program assignments are now showing in learners' MY PLANs. (CR 179552)
  • Special characters in an ELO's course title are now displaying correctly in the course summary. (CR 179977)
  • Users can now successfully view ILT session information after clicking Instructor Led Training > Sessions I am Teaching on the main Skillport page. (CR 180316)
  • Credentials are now displaying as expected for Admins in the Credential Manager. (CR 180347)

Fixes - Reporting

  • In Preview mode, if you click a column header to sort the order before the report finishes loading, the "HTTP status 400 Error" message no longer displays. (CR 118111)
  • The User Privilege reports now support reporting on the Content Publisher Privilege. (CR 118608)
  • The Catalog > Books24x7 Book and Video Catalog report results are no longer missing information for the ExecSummaries for SLA collection. (CR 178737)
  • The User Listing > Detailed by User report results are now displaying the users' supervisor names correctly. (CR 179746)
  • An error no longer occurs and the report no longer fails when running the Asset Activity Report using the BCS command. (CR 180238)