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The Configure Language Settings page allows you to set the default language for the Skillport UI and for SEARCH&LEARN. These settings apply to all users accessing your company's Skillport site for the first time. However, depending on the configuration of your site, users may be able to change their language settings from within the Skillport end user interface.

Note: User-defined language settings override company-wide settings.

To configure language settings

  1. Click Configuration | Language on the navigation bar.
  2. To configure the default UI language:
    1. Under UI Language Setting, select the language that the UI text, help system, and system messages appear in to users.
    2. Click Change Language.
  3. To configure the default SEARCH&LEARN language:
    1. Under Search Language Setting, select the default language used by SEARCH&LEARN. (During a search, users can change the language by selecting a new one from the Language drop-down list.)
    2. Click Change Language.

Note: The browser language setting affects the appearance of some screens and links. The text displayed may be different in some screens. For example the "Forgot Your User ID" link in the login page may be displayed as "forgotyouruserid" for a different language setting.