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Report Configuration

If you are using the Reporting feature, you can use the Configure Report Parameters page to configure several types of report-related settings:

  • Certificate of Completion settings
  • Paginated report parameters
  • User and Administrator privileges

To access this page, click Configuration > Report Configuration on the navigation bar.

Certificate of Completion Settings

Click Certificate of Completion to open the Certificate of Completion - Attribute Modifications form.

Use this form to customize the appearance and content of completion certificates used for courses, Learning Programs, Expert-Led Certification Programs, Live Learning Courses, and Instructor-Led Training.



Allow users to generate certificates

Enable or disable the ability of users to generate completion certificates. If enabled, completion certificate links appear in any reports that track completable assets.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) URL

Customize the font, font size, and color of the certificate by modifying the style sheet.


Certificate Language

Specify the language of the certificate you want to modify.

Note: You can only modify a certificate for one language at a time. To modify certificates for multiple languages, click Submit after editing a certificate, then launch the Attribute Modification form again and select another language.

Header Image URL

Specify an alternative graphic that is used as the top background graphic for the completion certificate.

Footer Image URL

Specify an alternative graphic that is used as the bottom background graphic for the completion certificate.

To preview changes to your certificate's style and graphic, click Test Modifications.

Number of Lines in a Report Page

This setting applies only to HTML reports. Enter the number of lines to use on a single report page. For example, if you enter 100, the report is split across multiple pages as needed, with each page containing 100 lines.

To disable pagination, enter 0 (zero). This creates a 1-page report.

User/Group Filter Scoping (User and Administrator privileges)

Configure User and Administrator privileges for Reporting with the User/Group Filter Scoping setting to allow greater visibility of Groups within your organization. This setting does not affect the data included in report results.

Select Apply standard scoping rules to the Users and Groups listed within the User/Group Filter to limit the group visibility to the Skillport standard rules. Clear this option to broaden the group visibility rules. See User and Admin privileges for more information.